Salesforce – Professional Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant – Reliable Salesforce Tableau CRM Einstein Discovery Consultant Test Experience

Salesforce – Professional Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant – Reliable Salesforce Tableau CRM Einstein Discovery Consultant Test Experience

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Salesforce Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant certification exam covers a wide range of topics related to Salesforce, Tableau, CRM, and Einstein Discovery. Some of the key topics covered in this certification exam include data modeling, data analysis, data visualization, business intelligence, and predictive analytics. Individuals who pass Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant exam have a deep understanding of these technologies and can use them effectively to solve complex business problems.

>> Reliable Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Test Experience <<

Salesforce Reliable Tableau-CRM-Einstein-Discovery-Consultant Test Experience: Salesforce Tableau CRM Einstein Discovery Consultant – ActualPDF Pass-leading Provider

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Salesforce Tableau CRM Einstein Discovery Consultant Sample Questions (Q188-Q193):

The Universal Containers company thinks it knows everything about its business. However, Einstein Discovery surfaces an unexpected pattern that is concerning. They call in departmental experts and hold a meeting to discuss next steps with an Einstein Consultant.
What should the consultant advise as the next action’

  • A. Accept the new pattern and have confidence that Einstein knows the business as accurately as the customer.
  • B. Determine if the pattern is a data issue or a new insight.
  • C. Consult a Data Scientist for further analysis.
  • D. Filter out the data that causes the unexpected pattern and analyze the new results.

Answer: A

A consultant built a very useful Einstein Analytics app for Sales Operations and they want to share its contents with the rest of Global Sales. However, they do not want to add everyone in Sales to their app. The consultant recommends extending the Sales Operations app and distributing it as an Einstein Analytics template app, but needs to locate specific information to get started.
What is the REST API URL where the consultant can find current template apps?

  • A. /services/data/v##.#/analytics/wizard
  • B. /services/data/v##.#/wave/templates
  • C. /services/data/v##.#/analytics/projects
  • D. /services/data/v##.#/wave/apps

Answer: A

Which statement best describes how to ensure Einstein Analytics dashboards are easily used across both desktop and mobile devices?

  • A. Create multiple layouts, ensure the layout selectors match the device, and resize/hide widgets as necessary to ensure the content is appropriate for the device screen size.
  • B. Create a single layout and reorder all the widgets so that they fit nicely when viewing on either device.
  • C. Create multiple layouts, and reorder all the widgets so that they fit nicely within the new default width.
  • D. Create a single layout and allow Einstein Analytics to automatically organize dashboard contents to be optimal for the device type.

Answer: A

In a story investigating margin, large variations between product groups are dominating the story. Which action might an Einstein Consultant take to resolve this?

  • A. Normalize the margin by product group.
  • B. Add more data to the dataset.
  • C. Run separate stories for each region.
  • D. Eliminate extreme values in the dataset.

Answer: D

Creating an Einstein Discovery story involves:

  • A. Selecting a Dataset in Einstein Analytics, then clicking Create Story
  • B. Entering notes about the data
  • C. Uploading a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation
  • D. Copying text from company reports and pasting into Einstein Discovery

Answer: A


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