Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考題套裝 – Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer PDF題庫

Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考題套裝 – Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer PDF題庫

2023 Fast2test最新的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer PDF版考試題庫和Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考試問題和答案免費分享:https://drive.google.com/open?id=1j-nce-v-BDxXzXwk-TQPcSQQb30REC8f

在這個人才濟濟的社會,人們不斷提高自己的知識想達到更高的水準,但是國家對尖端的IT人員需求量還在不斷擴大,國際上更是如此。所以很多人想通過Salesforce的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考試認證,但想通過並非易事。其實只要你們選擇一個好的培訓資料完全通過也不是不可能,我們Fast2test Salesforce的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考試認證培訓資料完全擁有這個能力幫助你們通過認證,Fast2test網站的培訓資料是通過許多使用過的考生實踐證明了的,而且在國際上一直遙遙領先,如果你要通過Salesforce的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考試認證,就將Fast2test Salesforce的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考試認證培訓資料加入購物車吧!

Fast2test Salesforce 的 Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer 題庫全面更新,是全球暢銷書籍、讀者公認 Salesforce 認證考試必備參考書。能讓您充滿信心地面對 Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer 認證考試。這更新版反映了 Salesforce 考試的最新變動, 不僅涵蓋了各項重要問題, 還加上了最新的考試知識。你的第一次嘗試使用我們的 Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer 的培訓材料,這可能會極大地促進你的事業打開新的視野的就業機會。

>> Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考題套裝 <<

已驗證的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考題套裝 |高通過率的考試材料|正確的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer PDF題庫

每個IT人士都在努力,不是為了升職就是為了加薪,這也是現代社會所形成的壓力的一種體現。這樣討得上司的喜歡,還不如用實力說話。大家來通過Salesforce的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考試認證吧,其實這個考試也沒有想像的那麼苦難,只需要你選擇合適的培訓資料就足夠,Fast2test Salesforce的Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer考試培訓資料將是最好的培訓資料,選擇了它你就是選擇你最想要的,為了現實,趕緊行動吧。


Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer認證考試是一個多項選擇考試,測試候選人在與Salesforce數據架構和管理相關的各個領域中的知識和技能。考試涵蓋數據建模、數據管理、數據遷移、數據治理和數據安全等主題。它還測試候選人在Salesforce中設計和實施複雜數據解決方案的能力。

為了準備 Salesforce Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer 認證考試,建議考生具備至少兩年的數據管理和架構設計經驗。考生還可以從 Salesforce Data Architecture and Management Designer 認證課程中受益,該課程涵蓋數據建模、數據遷移、數據分析和數據治理等主題。此外,考生可以使用 Salesforce 認證數據架構和管理設計師學習指南來準備考試。

最新的 Salesforce Application Architect Data-Architecture-And-Management-Designer 免費考試真題 (Q59-Q64):

問題 #59
What makes Skinny tables fast? Choose three answers.

  • A. They do not include soft-deleted records
  • B. They support up to a max of 100 of columns
  • C. Their tables are kept in sync with their source tables when the source tables are modified
  • D. They avoid resource intensive joins
  • E. They can contain fields from other objects


問題 #60
Cloud Kicks has the following requirements:
* Their Shipment custom object must always relate to a Product, a Sender, and a Receiver (all separate custom objects).
* If a Shipment is currently associated with a Product, Sender, or Receiver, deletion of those records should not be allowed.
* Each custom object must have separate sharing models.
What should an Architect do to fulfill these requirements?

  • A. Associate the Shipment to each parent record by using a VLOOKUP formula field.
  • B. Create a Master-Detail relationship to each of the three parent records.
  • C. Create two Master-Detail and one Lookup relationship to the parent records.
  • D. Create a required Lookup relationship to each of the three parent records.


問題 #61
UC has migrated its Back-office data into an on-premise database with REST API access. UC recently implemented Sales cloud for its sales organization. But users are complaining about a lack of order data inside SF.
UC is concerned about SF storage limits but would still like Sales cloud to have access to the data.
Which design patterns should a data architect select to satisfy the requirement?

  • A. Build a UI for the on-premise system and iframe it in Salesforce
  • B. Migrate and persist the data in SF to take advantage of native functionality.
  • C. Use SF Connect to virtualize the data in SF and avoid storage limits.
  • D. Develop a bidirectional integration between the on-premise system and Salesforce.


問題 #62
Northern Trail Outfitters (NTO) has multiple systems across its enterprise landscape, including Salesforce, with disparate versions of the customer record. In Salesforce, the customer is represented by the Contact object.
NTO utilizes a master data management (MDM) solution with these attributes:
1. The MDM solution keeps track of the Customer Master with a Master Key.
2. The Master Key is a map to the record IDs from each external system that customer data is stored within.
3. The MDM solution provides deduplication features, so it acts as the Single Source of Truth.
How should a Data Architect implement the storage of the Master Key within Salesforce?

  • A. Сreate a custom object to store the Master Key with a lookup field to Contact
  • B. Store the Master Key on the Contact object as an External ID field for referential integrity
  • C. Store the Master Key in Heroku Postgres and use Heroku Connect for synchronization
  • D. Create an external object to store the Master Key with a lookup field to Contact


問題 #63
DreamHouse Realty has a Salesforce org that is used to manage Contacts.
What are two things an Architect should consider using to maintain data quality in this situation? (Choose two.)

  • A. Use the private sharing model.
  • B. Use validation rules on new record create and edit.
  • C. Use Salesforce duplicate management.
  • D. Use workflow to delete duplicate records.


問題 #64

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