Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Exam Training & Advanced-Cross-Channel Test Centres

Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Exam Training & Advanced-Cross-Channel Test Centres

About choosing the perfect Advanced-Cross-Channel study material, it may be reflected in matters like quality, prices, after-sale services and so on. Advanced-Cross-Channel exam simulation is accumulation of knowledge about the exam strictly based on the syllabus of the exam. They give users access to information and exam, offering simulative testing environment when you participate it like in the classroom. And if you are afraid of the lack experience of the exam, our Advanced-Cross-Channel Practice Engine will be your good choice.

The exam is divided into five sections, each of which focuses on a specific area of cross-channel marketing. These sections include email marketing, mobile marketing, social media marketing, web marketing, and advertising. The exam consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 90 minutes. To pass the exam, candidates must achieve a score of 68% or higher.

The Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Certification Exam is an excellent way for professionals to demonstrate their expertise in cross-channel marketing and differentiate themselves in a competitive job market. By earning this certification, professionals can gain recognition for their skills and knowledge, and become eligible for more advanced roles and higher salaries. The certification also provides access to a community of like-minded professionals who can offer support and guidance, as well as ongoing training and education opportunities.

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Advanced-Cross-Channel Test Centres – Advanced-Cross-Channel Pass Exam

We provide Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel web-based self-assessment practice software that will help you to prepare for the Salesforce certification exam. Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Web-based software offers computer-based assessment solutions to help you automate the entire Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional testing procedure. The stylish and user-friendly interface works with all browsers, including Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer. It will make your certification exam preparation simple, quick, and smart. So, rest certain that you will discover all you need to study for and pass the Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel Exam on the first try.

Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional Sample Questions (Q17-Q22):

What is the fastes way to add a classification to a post?

  • A. Add classification manually to each post.
  • B. Classification cannot be added to a post
  • C. Macro

Answer: C

28, Whit are the functionalities of ad studio. Select multiple.

  • A. myspace user match.
  • B. linkedin user match.
  • C. Iinkedin Company match.
  • D. tiktok user match.Ez
  • E. facebook advanced match.

Answer: B,C,E

Where to create topic profiles in command center?

  • A. command center
  • B. social admin
  • C. social automate

Answer: B

When are customers eligible to be send a message in STO(when customer will engage then its sent)

  • A. Within the first minute of next hour.
  • B. with the next hour
  • C. At the hour user engages Within the next 24hours
  • D. immediately when the STO activity arrives

Answer: C

What is true about SMS keywords other than HELP and STOP?

  • A. keywords in parent business unit can be shared to any child business units
  • B. keywords in child business unit can be shared between other child business units
  • C. keywords in parent or child business unit are available only in that business unit
  • D. keywords in parent business unit are automatically available to all child business units

Answer: C


Students are given a fixed amount of time to complete each test, thus Salesforce Exam Questions candidate’s ability to control their time and finish the Salesforce Advanced-Cross-Channel exam in the allocated time is a crucial qualification. Obviously, this calls for lots of practice. Taking PrepPDF Advanced-Cross-Channel Practice Exam helps you get familiar with the Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional exam questions and work on your time management skills in preparation for the real Advanced-Cross-Channel Salesforce Advanced Cross Channel Accredited Professional exam.

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