Restaurant Marketing For Dummies – 5 Things You Should Probably Be Doing Right Now

Restaurant Marketing For Dummies – 5 Things You Should Probably Be Doing Right Now

You are probably looking for the most diverse and result-oriented marketing strategies for your restaurant or cafe. The surprising bit is that a lot of them are right under your nose as we speak. You haven’t tried them for a long time or perhaps you never paid attention to them in the first place. You could be making use of some of the most practical and financially viable marketing strategies without putting any strain on your resources. 

Marketing your food items or products and services is always going to be a significant part of your restaurant business but it does not have to cost you a limb or your dream for a second kitchen. We have curated some promotional ideas for you that are not just easy to follow but also don’t cost you much. Let’s have a look at these awesome marketing tips right now:

1. Your Website Is Your Online Presence

Do you know how easy it is to get your very own restaurant or cafe website developed today? It is one of the most affordable ways to make your digital presence felt by your customers. Your website can be linked directly to your social media profiles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and also Google Plus in addition to your YouTube channel as well. Your restaurant website is going to function as the most prominent touchpoint with your customers. It is going to increase your outreach tremendously. This is your first step towards marketing your cafe or eating joint like a true pro.

2. Think About Joining Online Forums And Discussions

So you do not have an online presence or perhaps do not wish to create a website. That is completely alright. Have you ever thought about joining online forums and discussion groups? This is one of the most fun and satisfying things to do because it allows you to connect with your customers very easily. Communities such as Quora and Reddit allow you to connect with your consumers, both existing as well as potential, and talk about the most trending recipes, drinks, odd ingredients, and the hottest food trends in the world. You can then give them the link to your social media profiles or probably to the online marketplace where your packaged food items, if any, are available for direct purchase. It helps create brand awareness and also in establishing you as an industry leader.

3. SMS Marketing Does Not Get Old

SMS marketing is one of the most affordable means to promote your restaurant or cafe according to the best restaurant marketing agencies. Do you know that at the moment, SMS open rates are close to 98% globally? This is a very astounding fact and it makes it even more worth your while to invest in SMS marketing. Also, it is a wise decision to give the receiver an option to opt out of receiving this message. The biggest benefit of using SMS marketing is that you can keep your consumers informed of any new deals and also direct them to your official website or perhaps to your newly updated dessert menu PDF without any interruptions. It does require a bit of research and digging into your data to come up with a list of your customers that will be most responsive to your marketing messages.

4. Creating Your Video Series

Videos and images of your food and beverages are an inseparable part of marketing these days according to any digital marketing for restaurants agency today. You cannot imagine websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube garnering any attention without this kind of interactive content. You can create your very own food videos or vlogs and a series of the same so that you can publish them on these websites for increased traction with your audience. Once they develop a taste for or interest in your videos, they will be looking forward to more new recipes and tricks every week. What a great way to generate curiosity about your eating joint!

5. Giving Back To The Community

How does this work? Taking an active part in philanthropic efforts or perhaps becoming more involved in community work or donating food is going to put your brand under focus. According to your topmost restaurant marketing agency, getting acquainted with your community is a great way to fulfill your corporate social responsibility and also to get everyone to notice your brand. In the meantime, you can also focus on various offers for your customers that you come across during this activity. You can hand out brochures, pamphlets, discount coupons, and a lot more to get their attention. Food tastings and freebies are always welcome.

Final Thoughts

These marketing tricks were from the best restaurant marketing professionals and you should take them seriously. There is no need to invest heavily in your marketing function. It is all a matter of how smartly you use these techniques and play at them better than your competitors. A big majority of your customers are going to react positively to these efforts. You just have to time them correctly. Just look for the right opportunity and go right in with full force and optimism.


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