Quiz 2023 F5 101: Application Delivery Fundamentals Exam–High-quality Exam Exercise

Quiz 2023 F5 101: Application Delivery Fundamentals Exam–High-quality Exam Exercise

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100% Pass 2023 F5 101 Updated Exam Exercise

In informative level, we should be more efficient. In order to take the initiative, we need to have a strong ability to support the job search. And how to get the test 101 certification in a short time, which determines enough 101 qualification certificates to test our learning ability and application level. Our 101 Exam Questions are specially designed to meet this demand for our worthy customers. As long as you study with our 101 learning guide, you will pass the exam and get the certification for sure.

The F5 101 (Application Delivery Fundamentals) certification exam is an entry-level certification that is designed to validate the knowledge and skills of individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in application delivery. This certification is offered by F5 Networks, a leading provider of application delivery networking technology, and is recognized globally as a standard for measuring the proficiency of application delivery professionals.

Candidates who pass the F5 101 certification exam are recognized as having a strong understanding of application delivery fundamentals, and are well-equipped to take on roles such as network administrator, network engineer, or application delivery specialist. Additionally, this certification can be a stepping stone for further certifications offered by F5 Networks, such as the F5 Certified BIG-IP Administrator or F5 Certified Solution Expert.

F5 Application Delivery Fundamentals Exam Sample Questions (Q73-Q78):

When a business is hacked, they often lose more than money. What are the other consequences to a business as a result of being hacked? Select two.

  • A. Valuable free press that occurs as companies address hacking incidents.
  • B. Penalties related to non-compliance with laws and regulations.
  • C. Loss of customers when slow connections drive customers to competitor’s site.
  • D. Helpful third party reviews of the security needs of the customer’s web applications.
  • E. Final resolution of all security vulnerabilities of the business’ web applications.

Answer: D,E

Which protocol data unit (PDU) is associated with the OSI model’s Physical layer?

  • A. Segment
  • B. Frame
  • C. Datagram
  • D. Bit
    https//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Protocol data unit

Answer: D

Even though F5 is an application delivery controller, it can also effectively mitigate attacks directed at the network layer.

  • A. True
  • B. False

Answer: A


Select the key question you would use to ask your customer related to DNS attacks?

  • A. Do you regularly update BIND or some other DNS application to the latest release?
  • B. Do you over-provision your DNS infrastructure?
  • C. Do you rely on your network firewall to protect your DNS server?
  • D. How do you secure your DNS infrastructure against attacks?

Answer: D

What is the advantage of specifying three load balancing methods when load balancing within pools?

  • A. Specifying three methods
    allows the GTM System to use all three
    methods simultaneously.
  • B. Specifying three methods allows the GTM System to choose the optimal method for each name resolution.
  • C. Specifying three methods allows the GTM System to rotate between the three methods so that no one method is used too often.
  • D. Specifying three methods allows the GTM System alternate methods if insufficient data is available for other methods.

Answer: D


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