Questions to ask when choosing your dining table

Questions to ask when choosing your dining table

In the house, the dining table brings family and friends together for all occasions. It is around her that intimate dinners are organized as well as great celebrations with friends. If you plan to furnish your dining room from scratch, you will necessarily go through the question stage. And the first that arises is how to choose your dining table?

How to choose your dining table? What are the other questions to ask?

Gathering point par excellence, the dining room table is not chosen lightly. This is an important moment that deserves careful consideration. In order to answer the question “how to choose your dining table”, you should also ask yourself other, no less important ones. To find the piece of furniture that suits us, we also think about how to determine the right size (height and width), what style and what color for a dining room table, etc.

Choosing the right size dining table can be a real headache. Why ? Because there are dozens of details to consider. What height and width to prefer according to the dimensions of the room and our reception habits? This is in fact the fundamental problem which, sooner or later in life, everyone faces. However, we should not give in to panic because it is simply math. For your peace of mind: this is the basic geometry. Let’s get back to the question that interests us! It is important to point out that the size of the perfect dining table depends on 2 factors: the size of the room and the number of guests you want to seat around the table.

How to choose your dining table according to the dimensions of the room and the reception habits?

If your dining room is very large, this factor actually hardly matters. On the other hand, if your room has size constraints, the maximum possible size of the table must be taken into account. How to calculate it? First, measure your room and then subtract 120 cm in length and width. So. Do not exceed this maximum size to have a comfortable and functional everyday table.

As already mentioned, the other problem related to the question “how to choose your dining table“, concerns the number of seats desired. Here geometry comes to your aid again. Know that, for a person of standard size to be comfortable at the table, they need 60 cm on average. Simply multiply this dimension to define the minimum length of the table. Thus, for a table of 6 people (3 people on each side), plan a length of 180 cm minimum.

How to choose your dining table according to the shape of the top?

Choosing the shape of a dining table is a matter of taste. However, it should be noted that the different shapes of trays have very specific advantages.

• Due to its functionality, the square table is ideal for a confined space. Perfectly suited for couples, it can be easily moved or replaced when children arrive.

• More imposing, the rectangular table creates a stricter atmosphere. It is recommended for large families. Due to its versatility, this model is the most widespread. This table is also recommended for business dinners and for large celebrations with friends. If you want to stick to traditional values, consider replacing the chairs with benches. This approach will help you save space and reduce the budget for seating.

• Inviting people to gather, an oval or round dining table emphasizes conviviality and communication. These models are generally equipped with extensions, which makes it easy to switch from a round table to an oval table and thus receive unexpected guests. Depending on your desires, you can get a table of this type with a central foot or four feet located at the ends.

• Apart from the standard shapes, you can also decide to buy a table with a particular shape. Octagonal, half-moon or console style: originality is guaranteed.

How to choose your dining table according to the material?

It is important that a dining table makes a statement with or without a tablecloth. Once the shape and size have been defined, it is high time to think about the material from which it is made. This choice is obviously made according to personal taste but also according to the planned budget and the rest of the furniture in the room. In fact, the material used will largely allow you to determine a certain style.

• The wooden dining table comes in many styles and blends in with any decor. Classic, design, rustic or Scandinavian, it will bring an authentic and warm touch to your dining area.

• Glass is the top choice for design enthusiasts. A glass table boasts an upscale appeal, perfect for contemporary interiors. The glass top could be etched for an unrivaled exclusive effect. Although the glass is very popular, it is not recommended when you have children.

• There are also metal tables which are also a real decorative asset for the dining room. However, these models do not match all interiors.

• A guarantee of refinement, the stone table, and in particular the marble one, will invite nobility into your space. An elegant and timeless material par excellence, marble is perfect for classic or eclectic arrangements. Its main drawback remains its significant weight which makes it almost impossible to move.

How to choose your dining table according to the desired style?

An essential piece of furniture in the dining room, the table is as functional as it is aesthetic. Prefer blond wood for a Scandinavian atmosphere or exotic wood for a classic style. Opt for a metal table if you want to create an industrial-inspired dining room. In this vein, consider a glass table to complete a contemporary ensemble. Being a lover of vintage style, bet on a table with curved legs.

Whether it is a confined space or a large volume, today, we greatly appreciate the functionality and adaptability of furniture. Indeed, modular furniture is acclaimed by the vast majority, and with good reason. Today, furniture has the ability to evolve. They decrease in size or grow according to the needs and the available space. And the dining room table is no exception.

Anyone looking for a functional dining table should consider purchasing an extendable model. Very practical for entertaining friends and organizing convivial meals, the extendable table is perfect for optimizing a room. Go for more details on https://www.homary.com/category/dining-tables-34.html.

It transforms in a snap of the fingers to offer us the necessary comfort. The good news is that this model comes in many sizes, as well as different styles and materials.

How to maintain your dining table?

Considering the fact that we spend a lot of time daily working, relaxing, preparing meals or eating on the table, it deserves to be protected and maintained properly. It is true that this multifunctional piece of furniture is designed in such a way that it can withstand certain shocks, a certain weight or various stains from drinks and food.

However, it is better to protect the tray with a tablecloth, a table runner or placemats. These accessories allow the furniture to be kept in good condition for as long as possible.

In conclusion, it should be remembered that, to know which direction to take in choosing a dining room table, you have to ask yourself the right questions. It is necessary to think about how often the table is used (how many times a day and how many people) and what kind of atmosphere you want to create there. But above all, it is necessary to take into account the surface of the room. This is actually the most important criterion to think about.

In addition, keep in mind that the location of the dining table depends mainly on the area of ​​the room. If the living room has a dining area, it is best to opt for a dining table that is not too imposing. A light and easy to move model is preferred. If your room is confined, prefer a liftable table that will serve as a coffee table or dining table depending on the situation. A lift-up and extendable 2-in-1 model will give you all the functionality you need to bring your family and friends together in complete comfort.


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