Python Introduction

Python Introduction

The software was created to allow people to be able to program easily without you having to learn complex codes or ways to run software.


The coding system you use is designed to be easy to use by learners or pro-coders alike and it can show you if you ever make any mistakes.


In the United Kingdom more people learn Python than they do French now showing people this is going to for a lot of people in the UK or other countries alike turn into a full-time job or part-time a job a lot. https://www.lifeofcoding.com/


What can you create with this?

  1. Websites
  2. Softwares
  3. Science


The big advantage you have in a website from this style  you can make it load very fast and also do anything you want custom wise a big problem with CMS is you are limited by the coding language the system runs or you need to rely on often bad designed plugins or themes.


When it comes to Python instead this allows any options to be done by you meaning a forum or blog or ecommerce or any other website could be created by just typing out the right code then when that’s done you can put it online using a server such as like Pythonanywhere is a server designed purely for running a Python app or website and the support is great and they have high-quality forum to help you as well.

SEO software can be created using this such Seotify was created in that is like a cross between Hotjar, Semrush or Ahrefs for why it runs showing it can allow complex or impressive pieces of software to run .

The science can be done by using High level wrappers and API which can allow the communication to take place scientific research app and the quantum for the computing in the back end.

What sort of jobs can you get from this?

Pro website designer since more and more people are leaving the whole CMS in regards to speed or security or other issues with it plus search engines like Google are demanding more and more in regards to trying to make things better for all site visitors and to help keep their company doing well overall.

Apps could be made to run on say Playstore or another platform you could create say a diet app or sports app or even a game to run on it so no limit to what you can create overall as like part time app developer or full time one a like.

Become a full-time coder for lab it does happen in some companies you could be the programmer for a medical firm where they need a head coder meaning you could get a wage of like $200,000 per year or more in some cases as well for like overtime or shares being paid to as like a perk some people are willing to pay you as well.

Creating a game is probably always going to stay a job meaning if you could create a good game you could get paid to sell it for like $20 or more money easy enough if the game is promoted well enough and fun to play overall.

Gaming on phones is probably going to stay popular for at least the near future so if you could create one it could turn into a full time job for you or allow you to retire younger if you just get up to like say $10,000 then be able to travel around the world fairly easy on that sort of money per month 



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