PUBG & BGMI tips: Top Battlegrounds Tips for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

PUBG & BGMI tips: Top Battlegrounds Tips for Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This PUBG and BGMI  tips guide contains all the secrets and tactics needed to win your first victory and enjoy a delicious victory in this popular battle royale game.

Looking for some PUBG and BGMI  tips? The battle royale game has been made free-to-play so there will be many new players who are not familiar with the artist previously known as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Maybe you have been playing for years but can’t seem to achieve that great victory. We have top tips and tricks that will help you win, no matter what your level of play Cool and Unique PUBG Symbols

PUBG Tips and Tricks

You will be able to move closer and closer towards the top by learning the tools and maps of the game, as well as general PUBG tips. New players will face a steep learning curve as they attempt to make their first chicken dinner.

Never stop moving

You can save your life by not allowing the enemy to have an easy shot, even if you jig back and forth, lean, or run circles. This is particularly important in gun battles, as you don’t want to be an easy target.

It’s not hard to moonlight as a parkour star. The game is much more agile and aggressive, which makes it a lot easier. Always search for high ledges or buildings to climb.

Play the blue, not just the border

Playing inthe blue zone is a good idea as long as you have some decent healing options. This will keep you safe for longer and can even net you some quick kills. You will also be able to loot longer.

You’ll want to play in the safe zone border as you move up to the middle-to-late game. This tactic is common in all battle royale games. However, you will want to move quickly with the shrinking safe zones, catching other players off-guard as they scramble for safety.

The right tool for the job

It is important to know which PUBG weapons are the best. It’s tempting to choose high-defense weapons such as assault rifles and SMGs. But if you can’t manage the recoil effectively, your shots will be lost and you’ll die.

Assault rifles are something you should be aware of. They are common enough to be found in most PUBG matches. You can use them in almost any situation. You have a great chance of getting the chicken dinner you want if you can find an AKM/M416 and some attachments.

Secretly, shotguns can be your best friend. Shotguns are the dominant weapon in close-quarters. This is what happens at the end of every PUBG match. Although they might seem common, shotguns are well-worth keeping because of their potential to kill one.

Scopes are the best attachments


The best sniper rifle in the game is only as good as the scope it has. If you rely on iron sights, you will lose. You will be able hold any building down if you have a scope that is 4x8x. Scopes can also be used to locate buildings at a safe distance.

Zeroing distances is important!

Scopes in PUBG have a zeroing distance which is displayed when you aim down sights. The distance of 100 meters means that your bullet will land exactly where it clicks up to. You will need to aim higher if your target is 200m away. This can be frustrating as it takes hours of practice and trial-and-error to figure out exactly where the bullet will land. However, paying attention to the zeroing distance helps make the process easier. Quick tip from PUBG APK: You can increase or decrease the distance with PgUp or PgDn.

You can also use PUBG’s map to determine distances. Each white square is 100m2. If you’re in a long-range shootout you can pull out your map and spot them using landmarks. Then count how many white lines are between you. You should aim accordingly to land that long-range kill.

Use the training map

Handling the weapons is the most challenging part of PUBG and BGMI apk download. PUBG’s weapons can produce a lot of recoil if they’re being fired at by other players, so it’s important to spend a lot of time training and getting used to the different types of weaponry. While you don’t have to know all the recoil patterns for every gun in the game before you start playing, it will be a time saver.

Stock drops are the best place to buy guns and armor


You may be wondering where your LMGs and sniper rifles are coming from. If so, you might have been avoiding those supply drops that are flown in by plane every few minutes.

Each supply drop contains high-level gear. If you want to get the best, you’ll need a vehicle. Follow the container as it falls and kill anyone else in the area.

The Pan (still) is the best melee weapon

The pan is not only the most deadly melee weapon in the game but it’s also bulletproof. It will protect your arse from all incoming enemy fire if you have one in your inventory.

Stay hidden, stay safe

There are many options when it comes to making the most of terrain. If you aren’t wearing fluorescent clothing, you can hide in the bush and be invisible if you don’t move much.

You can also hide in grass, but it will not render if you look beyond a certain distance. This means that you won’t be safe from long-range snipers.

The rest of the rules are simple. Common sense applies. Watching is a good thing.

Patience is the key to success

This is not the game for renegades or itchy trigger fingers. Just because you see an enemy does not mean that you should shoot them. You don’t know if they are watching you or pursuing the same target as you. It is a good idea to keep firing until you are able to claim quick kills if you really want to rack up kills.


If you are the noob of your squad, it’s time you enhance your skills instantly. With the tricks mentioned above, you will be able to kill enemies with every match and acquire the MVP label.


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