Proven techniques to choose best international schools

Proven techniques to choose best international schools

You want to provide your child with the greatest education you can give as a parent. You are in charge of giving your child the best start possible as they advance in life. Finding the right curriculum for your child is essential given the vital role it plays in promoting quality learning and supporting appropriate schooling. It has a significant impact on whether your child receives an excellent education. However, choosing the best international schools’ curriculum might be challenging considering the wide range of options you have. Here is a quick instruction on how to pick your child’s educational programme.

What is a Curriculum?

A curriculum is essentially a description of what, why, how, and when students should study certain things. It specifies the disciplines that make up a course and makes reference to the academic material your child will learn in class. Additionally, it establishes what each class or age group should be taught. What then constitutes a good curriculum? Every learner is valued in a good curriculum, and it is designed to meet all of their academic demands. It has high-calibre content that helps students develop their skills.

Additionally, it is organised and well-structured, making it simple for both instructors and students to implement. Last but not least, a solid curriculum is supported by a set of guiding principles that specify how students will learn.

The curriculum mostly influences whether the education offered is inclusive and egalitarian. Even when the faculty is understaffed, underfunded, or inexperienced, it offers the framework for delivering high-quality education. A strong curriculum can help students get back on track even when they lack the right foundations to define their learning. It contains the skills required for holistic development as well as those needed for lifetime learning.

Different Curriculums offered in best international schools in Pune

The best schools in Pune include a variety of curriculum, including some from abroad, including the International Baccalaureate (IB), which emphasizes student-centered learning. It allows students some leeway to encourage creativity while enhancing learning. Contrarily, the British curriculum (IGCSE) places a strong focus on adaptability, critical thinking, and creativity. The American and French curricula are examples of other multinational curricula.

Under the umbrella of the Indian curriculum, there are two separate versions: CBSE and ICSE. They provide extremely supportive and narrowly targeted frameworks intended to assist each learner realise their greatest potential, and they are quite well-liked in the nation. Despite having their roots in India, they are now popular all across the world.

  1. Education

This is a reference to the theoretical and practical teaching strategies that educators employ. It covers the subject matter, instructional strategies, and communication methods. For students to learn efficiently, a teacher’s pedagogy, which is formed by their beliefs, is essential. To guarantee that everyone is on the same page, the majority of curricula require parents’ active participation. Both the CBSE and ICSE curricula have an emphasis on pedagogy and academics, and both are currently adapting to the demands of the modern world. Additionally, you have the option of selecting a global curriculum that features a two-way, interactive teaching style.

  1. Education level

Learning demands a teacher who can facilitate, guide, and support a learner throughout their time in school given how easily accessible information is today. Learning is more than just the transmission of information; you want a teacher who will support your child in adding fresh insights to their prior knowledge. Information that is readily available online is not a need for students. They require a committed, enthusiastic, learner-centred educator who goes above and beyond to provide high-quality instruction.

  1. Rate of success

The popularity and acceptance of all curricula are based on how well they perform. It’s the most accurate way to determine whether the methodologies and techniques actually affect students’ understanding. Each curriculum has the values and skills it wants to instill. For kids interested in studying STEM subjects alongside commerce and humanities, CBSE is a wonderful alternative. Students are prepared to be global citizens through international curricula. Contrarily, ICSE aids students in building solid foundations in the humanities and arts. Any curriculum’s effectiveness is evaluated based on how well its graduates perform.

  1. Grades versus abilities

Finally, you must choose between the importance of scores and of skills. Your child’s academic performance is a major consideration for most careers, institutions, and even scholarship chances. They evaluate students’ merit based on their scholastic accomplishments. Other institutions, however, evaluate a learner’s worth based on skill-based profiles. International curricula emphasise skills development and a learner’s entire development in a more comprehensive manner.

  1. Education expenses

What kind of budget are you working with for your child’s education? The majority of parents erroneously believe that expensive schools provide a superior education. This is not always the case, though. For instance, compared to some private schools, the government-run CBSE school fee structure is far less for high-quality education. Nevertheless, a number of elements, such as new buildings and services at the school, could raise the tuition. A variety of curricular options, computer classrooms, and other amenities can greatly enhance the educational process. Schools with an international curriculum are more expensive than those with a national curriculum.


The curriculum which the best international school uses informs everything it delivers. This is so because the curriculum has an impact on the topics covered in class, the lecturers, the tests are given, the values taught, and more. You may choose the best school for your child by choosing the appropriate curriculum. You may choose the ideal curriculum for your child with the help of this straightforward guide.


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