Prescription Safety Glasses and Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover: Must-Have Medical Supplies

Prescription Safety Glasses and Bed Bug Proof Mattress Cover: Must-Have Medical Supplies

Whether you are working at a workshop, visiting someone at a hospital, or living at your home, taking a few essential medical precautions is a must. There is a danger of flying debris and bugs around you. Thus, that is where the prescription safety glasses and bed bug-proof mattress covers come in as the best option.

Prescription safety glasses are required to conform to a higher standard of impact resistance as compared to regular glasses. On the other note, a bed bug-proof mattress cover is the perfect solution to get rid of bed bug infestation.

So, let us dive deep into these safety medical supplies you must have your hands on!

  • What are Prescription Safety Glasses? 

Prescription safety glasses are made according to the individual’s needs as determined by their eye care professional. These glasses are worn in place of a person’s regular glasses when vision safety is a concern.

The prescription safety glasses are built-in brow bars with side shields, a comprehensive view, optical lenses, and a comfortable fit. Also, these glasses provide economical and practical protection to the eyes while working in the lab, construction site, metalwork, or any other industry which poses a regular threat to the eyes.

Various tiny particles can fly into the eyes, including powdered chemicals and hazardous liquids and gases in the manufacturing department of different industries. Thus, a safety glass protects the eyes against continuous chlorine sting for those who clean chlorinated swimming pools.

However, if you are a regular swimming person, wearing prescription safety glasses can protect your eyes against the irritable chlorine sting.

  • Uses of Bed Bug Proof Mattress Covers  

When we hear the term “bed bugs,” it probably leaves us annoyed! These pests have been infiltrating people’s inner sanctums for years. If you’ve ever experienced the misfortune of having a bed bug infestation, you know how unpleasant they can be.

But, with a bed bug-proof mattress cover twin XL, you no longer have to deal with bed bug issues. No doubt, bed bugs can infest even the cleanest of homes, which raises the question of how a bed bug-proof cover prevents them from appearing and ruining your beauty sleep. Let us find out!

These mattress covers are designed to trap pre-existing bed bugs and prevent new ones from reaching your mattress. The large zippered covers can completely enclose your mattress and trap bed bugs inside your mattress, and prevent them from biting you. Thus, eventually, the trapped bugs starve and die.

Another purpose of using a bed bug-proof mattress cover is to protect your mattress from fluid spills like urine and sweat. After all, just one unprotected fluid incident can ruin your lovely mattress. However, you can safeguard your mattress against stains and fluids with a bed bug-proof mattress cover twin XL.


Use prescription safety glasses to work more comfortably while keeping your eyes safe against accidental damage or harm.

Another medical safety supply that you must have is the bed bug-proof mattress cover. It has been scientifically proven to effectively eradicate bed bugs and dust mites, resulting in a reduction in allergy triggers and an overall improvement in bedroom air!



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