Preacher Curl Workout: How To Do, Variations, Benefits, and Mistakes

Preacher Curl Workout: How To Do, Variations, Benefits, and Mistakes

Preacher Curl: It is everyone’s dream to build strong and big biceps. Youngsters or gym freaks also work hard to build biceps. Everyone becomes a fan of the body that looks like wearing a T-shirt after heavy biceps. 

There are many exercises to tone the biceps. One of those exercises is named Preacher Curl exercise.

This is a very good exercise, which creates tension on the biceps. This is the muscle that gives roundness to the biceps.

Today I will give you what is the Preacher Curl Workout, how to do it, the right way, and all the information, after knowing that you will also include this exercise in your workout plan.

What is Preacher Curl Exercise? 

The Preacher curl is a classic isolation exercise for the big biceps. By doing this, the biceps get pumped and their size is also bigger.

The Preacher curl primarily targets the biceps brachii muscle and the brachialis muscle, which is a muscle found in the lower part of the biceps.

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Machine/Equipment For Preacher Curl

There is a pad/bench to do the Preacher curl exercise. In biceps are kept with the help of armpits and the biceps are toned with barbells or dumbbells.

Advanced gyms have a separate machine for the Preacher curl, which consists of weighted plates and the barbell is attached to the cable.

If both these options are not available in a gym, then by keeping the movable bench at 70 degrees, you can also do Preacher curl exercise with dumbbells with its help.

Variations Of Preacher Curl

The Preacher Curl workout is an isolation exercise for the biceps. In this exercise, all the tension is created on the biceps.

Those who can’t do it initially can do it with single-handed dumbbells, single-handed cables, resistance bands, or an empty barbell.  As you practice, increase the weight and then do it on the Preacher curl machine itself.

If for some reason you cannot do this exercise, you can also do the following workouts.

  • Biceps Curl
  • Dumbbell Curl
  • Hammer Curl
  • Kettlebell Curl
  • Cable Machine Curl

How To Do Preacher Curl

  • To do the Preacher Curl exercise, adjust the bench as in the video above so that your armpits are adjacent to the top of the bench.
  • Now with your hands on the bench, hold the barbell or handle with an underhand grip, palms facing up.
  • Now lift the weight up, focusing on your biceps. But keep in mind that the upper arms do not rise above the bench.
  • After curling, after touching the forearm and biceps, stay up for a second and then slowly bring the weight down.
  • After holding for 2 seconds, move the barbell or handle up again. Keep your feet well on the ground and do 3 sets of this exercise for 12-12 reps with focus.

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Benefits Of Preacher Curl

  • By doing the Preacher curl exercise, the biceps are toned and they get shaped.
  • With this workout, the long head of the biceps, that is, the ball-like part, starts to emerge and a pump comes in.
  • Increases the size of the biceps or burns extra fat.

Mistakes During Preacher Curl

  • Many people try to lift heavyweights in the beginning while doing the Preacher Curl exercise, which is wrong. So lift the weight according to your capacity.
  • While bringing the weight up, do not lift the hands off the pad, otherwise the target muscles will change.
  • Many people send bench pads too far, which can cause lower back pain. So try to sit as close as you can.
  • Keep your feet slightly wider than keeping them in the air, this will give you a lot of support.
  • Always do this exercise with full focus and watch the biceps getting pumped.


From the things mentioned above, you must have known how biceps can be shaped with the help of Preacher curl exercise. Keep in mind that in the beginning, do this exercise only after taking the advice of a trainer so that he can tell you the right posture.


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