Peloton Row – New Rowing Machine

Peloton Row – New Rowing Machine

Peloton’s new rowing machine brings a low-impact, full-body cardio and strength workout to your home. It combines the same software, hardware design, and exclusive content that makes up Peloton’s other machines — Bike, Bike+, Tread, and Guide.

It features form assist real-time monitoring, customizable pace targets, and a 24-inch HD swivel screen. It also has the quietest operation you’ll find on a rowing machine.

Ease of Setup

Peloton Row – New Rowing Machine is a great option for beginners and anyone who wants a low-impact, high-intensity workout. It features a variety of unique features including real-time form tracking sensors and smooth operation.

The front stand of the Peloton Row has wheels that make it easy to roll into position. It also folds up against a wall for storage, making it a perfect fit for almost any home gym or apartment.

Another key feature is the ability to set a Personal Pace Target before every class. This lets you choose a specific intensity level to follow during intervals to help keep you challenged and motivated.

During classes, instructors may cue you to move to a particular intensity, which is why setting your own pace targets before the session is so important. You can use this feature to help you stay in the right range, whether it’s an Easy, Moderate, Challenging or Max intensity level.

Personalized Feedback

Peloton Row is a 24′′ touchscreen workout machine that comes with a bunch of new features. It has sensors that track your position and offer personalized feedback during a class, so you’ll get to see areas of your body that need improvement highlighted in red on the screen.

You can also customize your own pace targets so you know how hard to push at each interval. Form Assist is another new feature that helps you maintain proper form during your rowing workouts.

The best part about this feature is that it’s actually available in real-time, so you’ll know if your form is off or not. Then you can work to improve it.

While this isn’t the most affordable rowing machine out there, it feels like a really good option that offers a lot of value for your money. There are other options, such as Hydrow and its Wave, that feel just as good (if not better) and cost much less than the Peloton Row.

Personalized Pace Targets

Personalized Pace Targets allow you to set a target pace range before each class, based on your ability level. These ranges vary from beginner to expert, so they can challenge and motivate you throughout your rowing journey.

Peloton Senior Manager of User Research Beth Wendt and her team curated a rigorously objective testing process to help develop this feature. She and her team also worked with a group of experts in the field to learn more about the challenges rowing presents.

Personal Pace Targets contextualize instructors’ cues to help you gauge how much intensity you need to stay on track with each interval. The color-coded indicators make it easy to see if you’re in, above or below your pace range.

Individually calibrated on-screen feedback offers real-time correction to help you strengthen your stroke as you row, giving you an even better workout experience. Plus, form rating and insights deliver a detailed breakdown of your form after every class to give you tips for improvement and performance metrics like distance, pace, and stroke rate.


Peloton Row is a sleek and minimal piece of equipment that prioritizes form feedback to help Members improve their rowing technique. The slender 8′ x 2′ footprint and 24-inch HD swiveling screen allow for safe, efficient workouts without disrupting the household.

It also offers individual-calibrated on-screen Form Assist, which uses sensors to detect your movements in real-time, and highlights form errors on the screen as you row. This feature helps to keep you focused on your form, and prevents injuries by identifying where you need to work harder.

Another cool thing about the Peloton Row is that it can be stored upright to save space in your home. This makes it an excellent option for small homes and tight spaces where stowing a treadmill might be difficult.

The Peloton Row is available for presale today, with orders expected to ship in December. It can be purchased online or at 18 Peloton retail stores.

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