Pass-Sure New CDCS-001 Exam Sample and Realistic Prep CDCS-001 Guide & Perfect Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) Reliable Exam Registration

Pass-Sure New CDCS-001 Exam Sample and Realistic Prep CDCS-001 Guide & Perfect Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) Reliable Exam Registration

We have chosen a large number of professionals to make CDCS-001 learning question more professional, while allowing our study materials to keep up with the times. Of course, we do it all for you to get the information you want, and you can make faster progress. You can also get help from CDCS-001 exam training professionals at any time when you encounter any problems. We can be sure that with the professional help of our CDCS-001 Test Guide you will surely get a very good experience. Good materials and methods can help you to do more with less. Choose CDCS-001 test guide to get you closer to success.

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Prep CDCS-001 Guide | CDCS-001 Reliable Exam Registration

Some candidates may be afaind of the difficult questions in the CDCS-001 study materials for they are hard to be understood and memorized. But if you want to pass the exam perfectly, then you have to pay more attention on them. You must cultivate the good habit of reviewing the difficult parts of our CDCS-001 Practice Guide, which directly influences your passing rate. What is more, our experts never stop researching the questions of the real CDCS-001 exam. So our CDCS-001 exam questons are always the latest for you to download.

The Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) exam offered by Global Association for Quality Management (GAQM) is a certification program designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in managing and operating a data centre. Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) certification program is recognized globally and is highly valued by employers in the IT industry.

GAQM Certified Data Centre Specialist (CDCS) Sample Questions (Q24-Q29):

If a waveform period is determined to be 10 microseconds in duration, what is the frequency of the signal?

  • A. 10 kHz
  • B. 100 kHz
  • C. 100 Hz
  • D. 1000 Hz

Answer: B

Frequency is the inverse of period, so to calculate the frequency of a signal with a period of 10 microseconds, you would divide 1 by the period, which is equal to 100 kHz.

Which one of the following is an overall consideration for physical security?

  • A. Apply the solution
  • B. Identify the problem
  • C. Apply the technology
  • D. Define the problem

Answer: D

Defining the problem is an important overall consideration for physical security. This process involves identifying and analyzing the threats and vulnerabilities that could potentially affect the security of the system, as well as determining what steps need to be taken to mitigate these risks. This process should be done before any other steps are taken to ensure physical security, as it helps to ensure that the security measures are tailored to the specific needs of the system.

__________ represents the maximum power cable of being drawn by the equipment.

  • A. Power rating
  • B. Grade rating
  • C. VA rating
  • D. Star rating

Answer: A

Power rating represents the maximum power that can be drawn by the equipment. It is usually measured in watts (W) or kilowatts (kW) and represents the maximum amount of power that the equipment can consume without causing damage to the device or the power source.
VA rating (Volt-Ampere rating) is a measure of the apparent power in a circuit, which is the product of the voltage and current in the circuit. It is often used to describe the power handling capability of electronic devices and equipment.
Star rating is a rating system used to indicate the energy efficiency of electrical devices and equipment. The rating ranges from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 stars indicating the most energy-efficient device.
Grade rating is a rating system used to indicate the quality of electrical devices and equipment. It is used in different industry and can indicate the quality of electronic component and material used in equipment.

____________ is a systematic variation of the voltage wave form or a series of random voltage changes of small dimensions.

  • A. Voltage truncation
  • B. Standby variation
  • C. Voltage fluctuation
  • D. Frequency variation

Answer: C

Voltage fluctuation is a systematic variation of the voltage waveform or a series of random voltage changes of small dimensions that occur over a period of time. Voltage fluctuation can be caused by a variety of factors, such as changes in demand, changes in the power system, faults on the power system, or the switching of large loads.

Which one of the following is a Physical Security Device?

  • A. Token card
  • B. Fiber optic cable
  • C. Contactless smart card
  • D. Access Key

Answer: C

A contactless smart card is a physical security device that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to identify and authenticate an individual. This type of card is used in a variety of applications, such as access control systems and digital payment systems. It is also used in physical access control systems, where the card is used to unlock doors or grant access to restricted areas. Contactless smart cards are also used in building access systems, where the card is used to grant access to certain areas of the building.


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