Pass Guaranteed Facebook – 600-101 Perfect Test Book

Pass Guaranteed Facebook – 600-101 Perfect Test Book

It is the right time to think about your professional career. The right path is to enroll in Facebook Certified Community Manager 600-101 certification and start preparation with the assistance of Facebook 600-101 PDF dumps and practice test software. The Facebook 600-101 PDF Questions file and practice test software both are ready to download. Just pay an affordable Facebook 600-101 exam dumps charge and download files and software.

The Facebook 600-101 exam is divided into two parts – the first part covers the fundamentals of community management, including topics such as community strategy, content creation, engagement, and analytics. The second part of the exam is focused on advanced community management skills, including crisis management, moderation, and community growth.

To become a Facebook Certified Community Manager, individuals must pass the 600-101 exam, which consists of 50 multiple-choice questions. 600-101 exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills in managing Facebook communities, and it is available online. Candidates who pass the exam will receive a certificate that recognizes their expertise and knowledge in community management. Facebook Certified Community Manager certification can help individuals stand out in a competitive job market and open up new career opportunities in social media management and community building.

Facebook Certified Community Manager is an essential designation for any professional looking to excel in the field of social media marketing. Community management is a critical component in achieving your marketing goals, and this certification proves your ability to achieve this. Facebook Certified Community Manager certification demonstrates your competence and commitment to the social media industry and provides potential employers and clients with the assurance that you are a skilled and experienced professional.

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Quiz 2023 600-101: High-quality Facebook Certified Community Manager Test Book

The advent of our Facebook 600-101 study guide with three versions has helped more than 98 percent of exam candidates get the certificate successfully. Rather than insulating from the requirements of the Facebook Certified Community Manager 600-101 Real Exam, our 600-101 practice materials closely co-related with it.

Facebook Certified Community Manager Sample Questions (Q42-Q47):

A hiking community plans to bringing together a large number of members to complete a mountain climbing challenge for charity.
This is the largest fundraiser the community will host, and this year is the third year they plan to run it.
Which two things can the community manager do to ensure they succeed in getting the most members to join the challenge? (Choose 2)

  • A. Highlight past photos and success stories and tag members who have joined past challenges.
  • B. Create posts to encourage people to sign up and have moderators answer any questions.
  • C. Message new members and invite them to participate in the challenge.
  • D. Start a secret group for people doing the challenge and post everything there.

Answer: A,B

An Instagram influencer from Switzerland uses a unique region-specific content approach. A community manager is helping the influencer expand into a neighboring country, Austria. The primary goal is to be the number one information source in the region.
Which two actions should the community manager take to support the goal? (Choose 2)

  • A. Run targeted ads to lookalike audiences in Austria
  • B. Measure the audience of Austrian followers on existing platforms
  • C. Ask community members to send profiles in Austria to follow
  • D. Adapt the local dialect and reuse highly successful content

Answer: A,B

A community manager runs a Facebook group for people who have challenged themselves to refrain from drinking alcohol for 30 days.
The group has grown organically over two years after the founder completed a 30-day challenge and invited people to join. The group now has includes over 3,000 members who use it as a resource for tips, guidance and support as they take on the challenge.
The community manager wants to make the group the recognized source for support.
Which step should the community manager take first?

  • A. Tell members they need to pay to stay in the community
  • B. Define the brand guidelines for cohesive content in the community
  • C. Ask the members to provide profitable ideas for the community
  • D. Review community posts and delete unprofessional content

Answer: B

A regional chapter of a nonprofit organization is under threat of closure from its national committee. The community manager has been invited to a meeting to provide evidence of the value that the local chapter brings to members in its geographic area and to discuss the proposed plans.
Which two actions should the community manager take to prepare for the meeting? (Choose 2)

  • A. Invite the community to submit their success stories so they can be shared with the national committee
  • B. Monitor sentiment across digital channels within the organization’s area of focus
  • C. Send a message to each of the community members requesting their opinions of the proposed closure
  • D. Initiate a petition against the proposed closure and ask community members to circulate it widely

Answer: A,B

A hair care brand is launching a new product line for men. Its existing Instagram community consists primarily of women. The community manager wants to market to male followers and build an integrated strategy for both men and women.
What should the community manager do to meet this goal?

  • A. Tag influencers to share the content and campaign hashtag
  • B. Change content strategy to target male followers during launch
  • C. Create targeted posts and ensure the content and tone are inclusive
  • D. Create a social media account for the new product

Answer: C


In the 600-101 Facebook Certified Community Manager Web-based Practice Test, you will get the 600-101 questions that are real and accurate. Furthermore, the 600-101 practice exam works smoothly on all operating systems including Mac, Linux, IOS, Android, and Windows. it is a browser-based 600-101 Facebook Certified Community Manager practice test software, there is no need for any specific software installation or additional plugins to function correctly.

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