Pandemic Fundraising Strategies by Foundation Search

Pandemic Fundraising Strategies by Foundation Search

Corporate giving is flat in the financial and tech sectors, and down significantly in most other sectors, notably energy, resources, retail, travel and hospitality.

Those reasons are:

Growth – the most recent CCS Fundraising Fundraising Strategies survey (August, 2020) indicates that foundation funding was the fastest growing giving source since 2015-19, growing at a rate of 5.7%, compared to 3.2% for giving by individual donors. Foundations gave $72 billion, in the form of an estimated 1,164,000 grants – that is more than one grant for every two charities in the US so your odds of getting funded – if you apply of course – are good.

Diversification of funding sources – financial advisors will strongly advise you not to put your life savings into a single stock or sector; for the same reason, having a variety of funding sources—including foundation funding—will strengthen your organization and protect it from the sharp downturns every economy periodically experiences.

Low effort – relative to almost any other form of fundraising, approaching foundations requires fewer resources to succeed. This is particularly true of the upfront work in sorting through the over 135,000 US foundations to identify a list of “best prospects” for your project, a task that a few years ago could consume months of effort

Predictable giving – Foundations exist to donate to charity, unlike individuals and corporations, who have a variety of shifting interests and priorities that are dependent on a robust economy. Foundations often publish giving guidelines relating to geographic and philanthropic areas of giving interest – furthermore, analysis of giving through time indicates that most foundations maintain a strong, consistent focus in the areas they support.

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