P-S4FIN-2021考古題更新 – P-S4FIN-2021證照考試

P-S4FIN-2021考古題更新 – P-S4FIN-2021證照考試

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SAP P-S4FIN-2021 考試大綱:

主題 1
  • Configure and use Profitability Analysis
  • Describe the enhancement to Ledgers with the Universal Journal
主題 2
  • Explain the SAP HANA Architecture, the SAP S
  • 4HANA solution and deployment
  • Conversion and Post-conversion Activities for Financials in SAP S
  • 4HANA
主題 3
  • Explain integration of CO with materials management and integration of CO with sales and distribution
  • Financial Accounting Configuration in SAP S
  • 4HANA
主題 4
  • Run pre-conversion tests, perform customer-vendor integration
  • Basics of SAP HANA, SAP S
  • 4HANA and SAP Fiori
主題 5
  • Explain the new Asset Accounting posting logic
  • configure and Use Document Splitting
主題 6
  • Prepare views and master data for conversion and the conversion of transactions
  • System Preparation and Configuration for Conversion of Financials in SAP S
  • 4HANA

>> P-S4FIN-2021考古題更新 <<

P-S4FIN-2021證照考試 – 最新P-S4FIN-2021考古題

SAP P-S4FIN-2021是其中的重要認證考試之一。Fast2test有資深的IT專家通過自己豐富的經驗和深厚的IT專業知識研究出IT認證考試的學習資料來幫助參加SAP P-S4FIN-2021 認證考試的人順利地通過考試。Fast2test提供的學習材料可以讓你100%通過考試而且還會為你提供一年的免費更新。

SAP P-S4FIN-2021考試由80道多選題組成,需要在180分鐘內完成。此考試的及格分數為68%。考試費用可能因您所在地區和貨幣而異。您可以在任何SAP授權培訓中心或通過SAP Learning Hub參加考試。

最新的 SAP Certified Application Professional P-S4FIN-2021 免費考試真題 (Q65-Q70):

問題 #65
Your customer has created a custom ABAP report in an SAP ERP system based on totals table GLTO. How is this totals table treated in SAP S/4HANA to safeguard custom ABAP reporting programs?

  • A. The table is treated as a transient provider using BW query functionality
  • B. The content of the table is deleted and compatibility view is generated
  • C. The balances of the table are posted as additional line items in the universal journal.
  • D. The entries of the table are converted into column store


問題 #66
During SAP S/4HANA conversion, why is it necessary to migrate balances for FI and CO? Please choose the correct answer.

  • A. Because the system displays an error if the sum of aggregated line items differs from the balance
  • B. Because the system posts FI/CO documents for all missing line items by comparing them to the – balance of the account
  • C. Because a delta between all line items and the balance of every account will be updated in the universal journal
  • D. Because all balances from the past years are stored in the universal journal


問題 #67
What data for asset accounting is stored in the universal journal? Note: There are 2 correct answers to this question.

  • A. Acquisition and production cost values of all depreciation areas that are defined as real depreciation areas
  • B. Acquisition and production cost values of all depreciation areas that are assigned to an accounting principle
  • C. Actual depreciations of all depreciation areas that are set to post depreciation periodically
  • D. Actual depreciations of the controlling depreciation area used for management valuations


問題 #68
You start your first sandbox migration and get a lot of errors. How are errors in an SAP S/4HANA migration handled? There are 2 correct answer to this question.

  • A. Errors must be clarified, and uncritical errors can be ignored
  • B. All errors related to closed years can be ignored.
  • C. All errors must be corrected during migration to complete it.
  • D. Critical errors must be resolved in the production system before Go Live.


問題 #69
You carry forward balances for your company code and leading ledger to the new fiscal year 2022 and you get an error message related to asset accounting. What single action can resolve the error?

  • A. Post all depreciation (transaction AFAB) for the fiscal year 2021
  • B. Post revaluation and new valuation (transaction AR29N) forfiscal year 2021.
  • C. Run “Calculate Depreciation” (transaction AFAR) forfiscal year 2022.
  • D. Run the fiscal year change (transaction FAA_CMP) to close fiscal year 2020.


問題 #70

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