Origin of Paithani Weaves

Origin of Paithani Weaves

India has long been enthralled by handlooms; priceless weaves are cherished and passed down from generation to generation as priceless recollections. The Paithani is among the most expensive pure silk sarees in India. The locals affectionately refer to it as the “Queen of Sarees” because of its status as a royal saree and as a representation of Indian culture and respect. The Paithani sari is the main character in this scene because Maharashtrian brides have long preferred it; the cultural significance of the kaleidoscope color palette is further highlighted.


History & Origin of Paithani Sarees

More than 2000 years ago, the magnificent city of Pratishthan, which is now Paithan by the Godavari in Marathwada and is located about 50 kilometers from Aurangabad, was ruled by the renowned Satavahanas emperor Shalivahana. Since the early 17th century, Paithan has served as a significant silk distribution center. Up until recently, Paithan was still a significant hub for the manufacture of silk textiles. The Paithani silk saree’s history is fascinating. In the 16th century, the weaving of this silk saree was first noted in the regions surrounding the city of Paithan, which is located south of Aurangabad. Paithan has long been a significant center for the production of silk.


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