Organize your Space Smartly with Selective Pallet Racks

Organize your Space Smartly with Selective Pallet Racks

Selective Pallet Racks are what every facility that requires palletized storage and handling always wants. Complete selectivity, higher picking rates, and efficient stock rotation are all provided. The technique enables any pallet storage position to be selected at any time without load crushing. This storage design enables first item in, first item out access. The system can be configured in single- or double-sided runs to accommodate all handling equipment. The width of the aisle is determined by the handling equipment used.

Forklift-friendly aisles 5 to 4 metres in size

Aisles for reach trucks, 3.5-7 m in width

Access to anything is made possible everywhere, anytime with selective pallet racking

Selective pallet racking allows you to access every pallet in your warehouse without having to move other items. If the warehouse stocks a lot of items in little amounts, this is fantastic. But only one pallet’s worth of depth can be added to each rack.

Cost-effective warehouse racking

A benefit of selective pallet racking is its low cost. This storage option is very economical due to the simplicity of installation and the comparatively low cost of the pallet racking materials.

Several trucks are driving at once

A selective pallet rack configuration allows for the simultaneous operation of numerous forklifts in the same aisle. As a result, selected pallet racking is superior to alternatives that are packed more densely, including narrow-aisle racking.

Adjustment is simple

Due to the continuing expansion of inventory management requirements, several industries considerably profit from distribution flexibility. By altering SKU types and slotting designs in real-time in response to market demand, a warehouse or distribution centre can lower inventory turnover. This flexibility enables the growing demand for same-day delivery and online shopping.

Simple to customise for any load size

Selective structural pallet racking provides the adaptability to alter with the needs of the market and the products. Distribution requirements, SKU types, and slotting specifications frequently vary. The ease of adjustment, complete selectivity, and direct access to a range of SKU counts make it easy to scale as the market grows and more pallet racking is required.

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