Oracle 1Z0-819 Test Preparation | Real 1Z0-819 Question

Oracle 1Z0-819 Test Preparation | Real 1Z0-819 Question

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As you know that the number of the questions and answers in the real 1Z0-819 exam is fixed. So accordingly the information should be collected for you. Our 1Z0-819 study materials have done the right thing for you. However, we will never display all the information in order to make the content appear more. Our 1Z0-819 learning guide just want to give you the most important information. This is why 1Z0-819 actual exam allow you to take the exam in the shortest possible time.

The Oracle 1Z0-819 certification exam consists of 80 multiple-choice and multiple-select questions that must be completed within 180 minutes. The exam is designed to test candidates’ knowledge and skills in areas such as Java data types, collections, functional programming, concurrency, and I/O.

To become a certified Java SE 11 Developer, you must pass the Oracle 1Z0-819 exam. This exam is a comprehensive test of your knowledge of the Java programming language and its features. It is designed to test your ability to write efficient, reliable, and maintainable Java code. The exam is also designed to test your understanding of Java’s core libraries, APIs, and the Java Virtual Machine.

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The field of information technology has seen multiple advancements lately. Reputed companies around the globe have set the Java SE 11 Developer 1Z0-819 certification as criteria for multiple well-paid job roles. Only 1Z0-819 certified will easily get high-paying posts in popular companies. Additionally, a Oracle 1Z0-819 Certification holder can climb the career ladder and get promotions within the current organization.

The Oracle 1z1-819 (Java SE 11 Developer) Certification Exam is a comprehensive exam that tests candidates on their ability to develop applications using the latest Java technologies. This certification is ideal for developers who want to enhance their skills and knowledge in Java programming and gain recognition for their expertise. By passing this certification exam, developers can demonstrate their proficiency in Java programming and increase their chances of getting hired or promoted in their current job. Moreover, this certification is recognized globally and can open up new career opportunities for individuals who are looking to advance their careers in Java programming.

Oracle Java SE 11 Developer Sample Questions (Q22-Q27):

Given these two classes:

And given this fragment:

Which describes the fragment?

  • A. It throws IllegalMonitorStateException.
  • B. The code does not compile.
  • C. It is subject to livelock.
  • D. It is subject to deadlock.

Answer: B

Your organization provides a cloud server to your customer to run their Java code. You are reviewing the changes for the next release and you see this change in one of the config files:

Which is correct?

  • A. You reject the change because -Xms8g -Xmx8g uses too much system memory.
  • B. You accept the change because -noverify is a standard option that has been supported since Java 1.0.
  • C. You accept the change because -noverify is necessary for your code to run with the latest version of Java.
  • D. You reject the change because -noverify is a critical security risk.

Answer: D

Which statement about a functional interface is true?

  • A. It must be defined with the public access modifier.
  • B. It cannot have any private methods and static methods.
  • C. It is declared with a single abstract method.
  • D. It is declared with a single default method.
  • E. It must be annotated with @FunctionalInterface.

Answer: C


You want to implement the jav
a. Io, serializable interface to the MypersisteneData class.
Which method should be overriden?

  • A. The writeExternal method
  • B. nothing
  • C. The readExternal and writeExternal method
  • D. The readExternal method

Answer: C


What is the type of x?

  • A. List<Character>
  • B. char
  • C. String
  • D. List<String>

Answer: C


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