Online SCP-NPM Training Materials, Exam SCP-NPM Discount

Online SCP-NPM Training Materials, Exam SCP-NPM Discount

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SolarWinds SCP-NPM Certification Exam is a vendor-neutral certification that helps IT professionals demonstrate their proficiency in network performance monitoring. By earning this certification, IT professionals can differentiate themselves in the job market and gain a competitive advantage. Additionally, this certification can help organizations identify professionals who have the skills and knowledge needed to manage their network infrastructure using SolarWinds NPM.

SolarWinds SCP-NPM (SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor) exam is an essential certification for IT professionals who are looking to validate their skills and knowledge in network performance monitoring. SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) Exam certification is widely recognized in the industry and is considered to be an important credential for those who specialize in network management and monitoring. SCP-NPM exam covers a wide range of topics related to network monitoring and is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and understanding of various network monitoring tools and techniques.

The SCP-NPM exam covers a range of topics related to network performance monitoring, including the installation and configuration of the NPM tool, network device discovery, network topology mapping, network fault and performance monitoring, and reporting and alerting. SCP-NPM exam is designed to ensure that candidates have a deep understanding of the SolarWinds NPM tool and can use it to monitor and troubleshoot complex network environments.

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Exam SCP-NPM Discount, SCP-NPM Updated Demo

SCP-NPM test guide is an examination material written by many industry experts based on the examination outlines of the calendar year and industry development trends. Its main purpose is to help students who want to obtain the certification of SCP-NPM to successfully pass the exam. Compared with other materials available on the market, the main feature of SCP-NPM Exam Materials doesn’t like other materials simply list knowledge points. According to our statistics on the data so far, the passing rate of the students who have purchased one exam exceeds 99%, which is enough to see that SCP-NPM test guide is a high-quality product that can help you to realize your dream.

SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor (NPM) Exam Sample Questions (Q72-Q77):

In which scenario is an agent the best solution?

  • A. If hosts in distributed networks have overlapping IP addresses
  • B. If you cannot allow ICMP polling on your routers
  • C. If the WMI ports are already in use on Linux
  • D. If Native GLX log file monitoring is required

Answer: D

Capacity planning is available for which metrics?

  • A. Response Time, Interface, and Volume Utilization
  • B. Up/Down, Packet Loss, and Latency
  • C. CPU, Memory, and Interface
  • D. Hardware Health

Answer: A

Status, Average Response Time, and Packet Loss are the only node details data you can view for your switch A device. The node details of your identical switch B device show Status, Average Response Time, and Packet Loss and other statistics. How can you monitor the other statistics on switch A and not lose any historical data?

  • A. Edit the node properties of switch A and change the polling method to “Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP”
  • B. Add switch A again without deleting it first, and this time choose “Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP” as the polling method
  • C. Edit the node properties of switch A and change the polling method to “Status Only: ICMP”
  • D. Edit the node properties of switch B and change the polling method to “Status Only: ICMP”
  • E. Delete switch A, and then add it again and this time choose “Most Devices: SNMP and ICMP” as the polling method

Answer: B

You added a device for NPM to monitor. You can see CPU and memory statistics, but want to see a statistic that NPM does not support out of the box. Which features can you use to collect the statistics you want from the device? (Choose all that apply.)

  • A. Manage Pollers in Device Studio
  • B. Device templates
  • C. Application monitor templates
  • D. Universal Device Pollers (UnDP)

Answer: A,C,D

What is the average resource consumption of an agent?

  • A. Between 1-2% CPU if the bandwidth is less than 8 KB/s
  • B. Less than 1% CPU, max 1 MB of memory, 1 MB storage
  • C. Less than 1% CPU, no storage because the agent is 1% in memory for faster access
  • D. Agents run as a virtual process and do not require local resources

Answer: B


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