New Industries-CPQ-Developer Dumps Files & Test Industries-CPQ-Developer Result

New Industries-CPQ-Developer Dumps Files & Test Industries-CPQ-Developer Result

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The certification exam is aimed at professionals who have experience in Salesforce Industries CPQ and want to demonstrate their expertise in this area. The certification is intended for individuals who work as CPQ developers, architects, consultants, or project managers. The certification is also ideal for individuals who work for Salesforce partners or customers and want to enhance their knowledge and skills in Salesforce Industries CPQ.

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Test Salesforce Industries-CPQ-Developer Result, Practice Industries-CPQ-Developer Exams Free

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The Salesforce Industries-CPQ-Developer certification exam is ideal for individuals who have extensive experience in Salesforce CPQ development and have worked with Salesforce Industries. The certification exam tests the candidate’s knowledge of Salesforce Industries CPQ development, including the ability to design, develop, and implement solutions using Salesforce Industries CPQ.

The certification exam is an excellent way for individuals to demonstrate their expertise in Salesforce Industries CPQ. The certification not only validates the individual’s skills and knowledge but also provides recognition of their expertise in the field. The certification also opens up new career opportunities for individuals, such as higher salaries and career growth.

Salesforce Certified Industries CPQ Developer Sample Questions (Q122-Q127):

Which of these will the user see when they use the Guided Selling interaction? (Choose FOUR)
Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

  • A. Step-by-step process to recommend and sell products
  • B. Ability to edit items already placed in the cart
  • C. Ability to change the price book for the cart
  • D. A summary of assets the customer already has purchased
  • E. Automatic totaling of products added to the cart
  • F. A way to launch the cart from an account or order

Answer: A,B,E,F

In which sequence do rules execute to ensure a perfect order in the Cart?

  • A. Advanced Rules Framework, Context Rules Framework, Compatibility Rules
  • B. Eligibility Rules, Context Rules, Advanced Rules
  • C. Context Rules Framework, Compatibility Rules Framework, Advanced Rules Framework.
  • D. Context Rules Framework, Advanced Rules Framework.

Answer: D

Which Lightning web component allows the user to submit their payment details?

  • A. dcReviewOrder
  • B. dcCneckouiPaymem
  • C. dcOfferConfig
  • D. dcUpdateBHIingAddress

Answer: D

How Can you Change the line item’s configuration in Vlocity Cart?

  • A. Invoke Field Mapper
  • B. Click the cart line item Actions menu and select Configure
  • C. Delete and re-add the product
  • D. Update the product’s attribute in Vlocity Product Console

Answer: B

In Vlocity CME, what is Field Mapper?
Note: This question displayed answer options in random order when taking this Test.

  • A. A configuration tool used to map fields to template bindings
  • B. A configuration tool that maps fields to product attributes
  • C. a declarative tool to configure field mappings from opportunities to quotes to orders
  • D. A data loading tool used to import product catalog data

Answer: C


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