Must Know Applications And Uses Of Industrial Heating elements

Must Know Applications And Uses Of Industrial Heating elements

In the industrial sector, various electrical powers are needed for multiple sectors. An industrial heating element is one such way to generate electrical power. An industrial heating element sends out steam or hot water to make electricity and stop heat loss from the boiler system used in a large plant.


Not only does using industrial heating elements help make more electricity but it also lowers the cost of these systems compared to other process plants.


There are many types of industrial heating elements all over the world. These industrial heaters provide an economical way to burn fuel and generate electricity.


These can also lower the power of the boiler system’s turbines, which keeps equipment from breaking down and makes the power plant run better. Here are some common applications of industrial heating elements.

Chemical Industries


Chemical industries use industrial heating elements to help burn out the waste gases as well as other flammables that can be present in the plant. These industrial heaters are a great way to burn off these wastes. In some situations, they can also make steam that can be used in other ways.

Pulp and Paper industries


They are a part of the pulp and paper industry, which contributes a lot to many people’s daily lives. They use tons of water each year because of their production processes. Along with their industrial heating element process, they generate electricity using water.

Boiler and Refrigeration Industries


These industries use a lot of steam and hot water to make their products, and doing so helps them save a lot on fuel, which can easily contribute to their profit. They usually use industrial heating elements for cleaning and other processes that need to be done to achieve success.

Oil & Gas Industry


In the oil and gas industry, industrial heating elements make electricity by burning fuel to heat oil, gas, or other liquids that can catch fire. They also use industrial heating elements to heat the area around oil pumps, which is usually very cold. Using industrial heating elements helps them save a lot on their energy costs and reduce the wear and tear on their pumps.

Road Construction


Currently, industrial heating elements are used in road construction. These industrial heating elements usually burn off oil and asphalt to keep the temperature of the surrounding area warm. It helps keep rocks and other materials warm.



With the help of industrial heating elements, greenhouse owners can grow plants even during the colder months. They can make steam, which will help them control the temperature of the greenhouse and give their plants and flowers the best conditions to grow.

Textile Plants


They use industrial heating elements for drying purposes. They use it to dry their fabrics, clothes, and other materials. It helps them reduce the time it takes to dry their products.

Solar Energy


Industrial heating elements are also used to convert solar energy into electricity. For example, they are used in solar power plants as they help by warming the water and generating steam, ultimately producing more electricity through steam turbines.



You can use industrial heating elements in many different applications; they can also generate additional electricity, reduce the wear and tear on machines, and help in all aspects of the business.


Industrial heating elements are used for a variety of heating applications in industry. These devices provide an economical way to burn fuel and create electricity from steam or hot water. They can also be a safety device to suppress stray ignition sources. Theeta is one of the leading industrial heating elements manufacturers in India.


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