Motor operated valves and non-slam check valves that you should know about

Motor operated valves and non-slam check valves that you should know about

Why is it better to choose motor-operated valves? 

Motor operated valves MOV, as the name suggests, are motorised operated valves that have a digital control element. Also known as on-off valves, these valves are an essential part of many plant and piping systems. These valves are usually large-sized and are also used for numerous applications like pump discharge, cooling water lines, etc. Since it is a motorised valve, it can either open or close. That is, it cannot be used to provide precise control for the flow (between completely closing and opening). 

Reasons for choosing motor-operated valves over manual valves 

MOV-Motor operated valves are used for several purposes, as they can be operated using an electric or pneumatic servo motor. Manual valves have several drawbacks, as they can only be operated manually by an individual. It can be challenging to adjust or move, especially if it gets stuck or is difficult to turn after a long time. Moreover, the operators will have to turn it in many times for certain requirements, which may take time. But with motor-operated valves, you do not have to worry about such things as it helps solve all such problems. You can open or close such valves with little effort, as they can be adjusted to automatic functioning. 

Non-slam check valves and their applications

Non slam check valves are designed to prevent reverse fluid flow and water hammering. These valves use pressure difference to close and open fluid flow, reducing the negative effects of the water hammer. Usually, non-slam check valves stop fluid flow in reverse by relying on the fluid pressure. That is, the disc closes automatically on the decrease in pressure. Such a type of valve is also helpful in preventing damage to the pipe. Non-slam check valves are used in various industries, including the food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical applications, boiler applications, water contamination prevention in freshwater suppliers, oil and gas production, etc. 


Whether you are purchasing a motor-operated or non slam check valve, make sure you choose the right manufacturer or supplier. Nowadays, you can find numerous valve manufacturers, but ensure to choose the right one which offers quality products. 


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