Motives for Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

Motives for Hair Transplantation in Kolkata

If you are one of the 40% of women or 85% of men who are experiencing hair loss, you are aware of how it can negatively affect your quality of life. Best hair Transplant clinic in Kolkata Losing your hair can affect your emotions, social life, and sense of self-worth in addition to diminishing those things.


So basically, Dr. Paul’s advanced hair and skin solutions offer men and women safe and effective hair restoration procedures, from which Best hair Transplant clinic in Kolkata

is considered one of the best solutions for hair transplantation in Kolkata, to resolve this issue of people and restore their confidence.


Hair transplants with follicular unit extraction are one of our favourite procedures (FUE). Through hair transplant cost in Kolkata, we can help you regrow a massive head of hair, and the results will look just like your own hair.



Through hair transplants, balding areas of the scalp receive donor hair from healthy places. The greatest technologies for painless hair transplant cost in Kolkata, which yield the highest outcomes, have been found at Dr. Paul’s clinic. Therefore, we help our patients regain their hair with the use of our cutting-edge FUE methods.


Let’s now examine the six key benefits of hair transplant cost in Kolkata

FUE hair transplantation in Kolkata. View more: Hair restoration in Guwahati


  1. Almost No Scarring: 

Rather than removing large strips of hair that leave visible scars, Dr. Paul’s practise uses the greatest hair restoration technology to produce outstanding results. By transferring targeted hair follicles with this technique, we can give you a thicker head of hair without the obvious linear scars that standard Hair Transplant in Kolkata leave behind. Cost of hair transplant in guwahati



We can achieve this result because the FUE extraction sites are so small (1mm), which means that any scars, if any, won’t be noticeable. Cost of hair transplant in guwahati

Additionally, you don’t need sutures or surgical glue because the treatment sites naturally close and heal with little scarring a few days after your procedure.


  1. Absolutely No Pain: 


hair transplant cost in Kolkata FUE is less painful than conventional hair transplants. However, Dr. Paul’s worked with cutting-edge technology to achieve painless FUE hair transplant in Kolkata, which typically causes significant discomfort. Cost of hair transplant in guwahati Your scalp also heals after the removal of large strips at the same time. The doctor uses painless, long-lasting anaesthetics to numb your scalp in order to keep you comfortable during the process.



  1. Improved Results with Healthier Hair:

The hair transplantation in Kolkata gives a graft survival rate of 90–95%, which is higher than the “strip” method of hair transplantation, which only achieves a graft survival percentage of 75%. This means that following your hair transplantation in Kolkata, you will have a larger, thicker head of hair. Additionally, while your scalp heals, you get more healthy hair because your hair follicles sustain less damage.


  1. There is a lower risk of infection: 

Hair transplant procedures are typically quite secure. If the “strip” approach is applied, the donor or graft site could get infected after surgery. Less than 1% of patients in Kolkata who receive Hair Transplant in Kolkata exhibit any infection-related symptoms, making it substantially less risky than traditional procedures.



  1. No Need For General Anesthesia: 

Additionally, because this minimally invasive technique doesn’t require general anaesthesia, you can return home without any issues once treatment is complete. You can even take your own car to and from your appointment.


  1. Fastest Recovery Time: 

You can often resume most of your regular daily activities in one to two days. The only deviation from your regular routine after a week is to follow the post-treatment care and washing guidelines while your scalp heals and the transplanted hair grows.


If you’re considering a Hair Transplant in Kolkata, get in touch with Dr. Paul’s Advanced Hair and Skin Solutions. Please schedule a consultation with us right away to have the best hair transplantation in Kolkata.


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