MBBS at Bukhara State Medical Institute in Uzbekistan

MBBS at Bukhara State Medical Institute in Uzbekistan

Students from all over the world often choose to study MBBS in Uzbekistan at Bukhara State Medical Institute which was established in 1990. The Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan established BSMI. In 1990 when it was established, the institute had only one faculty. However, in 1992 the Stomatological Faculty was incorporated into the institute and slowly it started to grow. Presently the Bukhara State Medical Institute has six separate faculties. These involve the faculty of dentistry; faculty of pediatrics; international faculty; medical faculty; faculty of medical prevention and medical biology; Faculty of advanced training for Physicians; and Faculty of nursing and medical education. All of these Faculties have several departments that offer undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Among the different activities carried out by the Bukhara State Medical University, research holds a vital part. The teachers as well as the students participate in various research projects throughout the academic year. These researches are mostly carried out in areas like abdominal cavities, chest surgery, pharmacology, immunity science, morphology, and biochemistry. Research is also done concerning disease treatment methods and factors causing different diseases.
Students Pursuing MBBS in Uzbekistan at Bukhara State Medical Institute can also enjoy the benefits of the institute’s newspaper. The name of the newspaper is Heirs of Ibn Sina. The newspaper discusses different important issues relating to the activity of the staff, students as well as the life of the institute. Mostly the newspaper focuses on spiritual, scientific, pedagogical as well as educational work that takes place at the university. The institute is situated in Bukhara city in Uzbekistan. The city has a vivid religious history. The historic center of the city is currently a World Heritage site by UNESCO and is home to around 140 protected buildings. The city is also rich with marvelous architecture, a royal fortress along with the remains of a former marketplace.
Bukhara State Medical Institute is a popular institute among the several medical institutes in Uzbekistan. Medical students from all over the world pursue MBBS in Uzbekistan as it is an excellent choice. The Medical degree of MBBS is very popular in Uzbekistan. Currently, there are around 2000 MBBS graduates residing in Uzbekistan. A large number of these MBBS graduates are from BSMI. Among the total number of MBBS graduates a large number practice medicine in Uzbekistan, whereas the remaining graduates practice MBBS in their home countries. In recent years, the number of MBBS candidates at BSMI has increased by many folds. This is because the cost of studying MBBS in Uzbekistan at Bukhara State Medical Institute is comparatively low. At BSMI, the courses are provided in English. Hence, foreign students can easily adapt to the curriculum and methods of study without any language difficulty. The institute has a reputation for having a kind and hospitable environment. The institute consists of students of diverse nationalities and as a result, it offers a diverse cultural environment promoting individual development.
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