MB-220 Exam Fees – Reliable MB-220 Guide Files

MB-220 Exam Fees – Reliable MB-220 Guide Files

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Microsoft MB-220 Exam Syllabus Topics:


Configure marketing applications (20-25%)

Configure organization settings– configure administration settings including LinkedIn Lead Gen and quota limits
– configure data sources for synchronization
– create and manage templates
– configure portal integration
– configure landing page settings
– configure domain authentication
– configure data protection tools
– configure social media
– configure webinar providers
Configure marketing settings– configure matching strategies
– configure marketing email settings
– configure customer journey settings
– configure opt-in settings
– configure email deduplication settings
– configure lead scoring settings
– configure required options for publishing journeys
– create and configure marketing calendars
– manage assets and content settings
Manage insights– analyze contact insights
– analyze lead insights
– analyze segment insights
– analyze customer journey insights
– analyze email insights
– analyze lead scoring model insights
– analyze marketing page insights
– analyze marketing form insights
– analyze website insights
– analyze redirect URL insights

Manage segments and lists (10-15%)

Create and manage segments– determine segment type
– create market segments
– create segments using Natural Language Query
– configure dynamic segments using Designer
– combine segments using union, exclude, or intersect logic
– create segments from external sources using customer insights
Create and manage subscription centers and lists– determine usage scenarios for subscription lists
– create a subscription list
– add a subscription list or lists to a form
– create a segment based on a subscription list
– create a subscription center marketing page
– understand how and where to publish subscription centers

Create and manage marketing forms and pages (10-15%)

Create marketing forms– determine which marketing form type to use
– determine form requirements and limitations
– create a marketing form using a template
– create landing forms and pages
Create and manage marketing pages– create marketing pages
– add content to marketing pages
– add forms to content blocks
– apply a style to marketing pages
– integrate marketing pages with marketing emails
– preview and validate marketing pages
– publish marketing pages
– monitor visitors to marketing pages

Manage leads, contacts, and accounts (5-10%)

Create and manage leads– create leads
– synchronize leads from LinkedIn
Create and manage accounts and contacts– create and manage accounts
– create and manage contacts
– manage activities

Create and manage marketing emails (5-10%)

Create email messages– create an email message by using a template
– define mandatory fields for email messages
– add dynamic content to email messages
Manage email messages– define message requirements
– preview messages by using the Basic and Inbox options
– check Spam Scores
– design and run A/B tests on email messages
– validate and publish messages

Manage customer journeys (10-15%)

Create customer journeys– determine content types required for a customer journey
– create a customer journey by using a template
– implement actions
– implement targets
– implement flow control for customer journeys
Publish and manage customer journeys– configure required options for publishing journeys
– check customer journeys for errors
– publish a customer journey

Manage events and webinars (10-15%)

Create and configure events and webinars– create an event team
– set up venues and sessions including internal and external tracks
– set up speakers
– configure webinar options
– configure event website
– create and manage event forms
– create stream events on Microsoft Teams
– set up event agenda

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant certification is ideal for professionals working in marketing roles or those who want to pursue a career in marketing automation. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant certification gives professionals an edge in the job market and enhances their earning potential. It also provides them with the skills and knowledge required to effectively design and implement marketing automation solutions using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Marketing Functional Consultant Sample Questions (Q129-Q134):

You are setting up a small workshop event. The event will have one session and one speaker.
After you create the event, session and speaker engagement record, you want to publish the event to the event portal.
Hoe should you publish the event?

  • A. Publish the event, session and speaker manually.
  • B. Publish the event and session separately. Speaker will publish automatically.
  • C. Publish the event. The session and speaker will publish automatically.
  • D. Publish the session. The event and speaker will publish automatically.

Answer: B


Your company is interested in gaining additional insight into customer journeys.
You have been tasked with analyzing contacts insights.
From the options presented, which three types of interactions are analyzed in Dynamics 365 for Marketing for contacts and lead? (Choose three.) Each correct answer presents a complete solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

  • A. Event interactions
  • B. Appointment interactions
  • C. Survey interactions
  • D. Telephone interactions
  • E. Web interactions

Answer: A,C,E

Section: Topic 8, Configure and analyze customer responses

Your marketing department has determined that they want to create a Customer Journey that will target marketing contacts that have visited your website in the past 12 months.
Which type of marketing segment should you create?

  • A. Profile Segment
  • B. Customer Insight Segment
  • C. Interaction Segment
  • D. Landing Page Segment

Answer: C

Section: Topic 2, Manage segments and lists
https://docs.microsoft.com/en-gb/dynamics365/customer-engagement/marketing/segmentation-lists- subscriptions

As a marketing operations lead, you have recently been hired to manage a team using Dynamics 365
The team sends subscription-based newsletters on a regular basis, and they have set up a subscription center in
Dynamics 365 Marketing. They now need to create links in each newsletter to the subscription center, so that
customers can manage their communication settings.
How should you instruct the team to ensure links to the subscription center appear in their newsletters?

  • A. In the email Designer, Drag the Subscription Center item from the Toolbox to the email canvas to create
    the link.
  • B. Create an HTML link in each email to direct customers to the subscription center.
  • C. In the email Designer, in General Layout properties of the email template, select “Include Subscription
    Center Link.”
  • D. In the email Designer, use Content Assist in the text editor to select the SubscriptionCenter element
    under the Dynamic Content menu.

Answer: D


You are a marketing professional who is creating a marketing page.
Which three design elements are available to you? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.
NOTE: Each correct selection is worth one point.

  • A. Event Element
  • B. Text Element
  • C. Content Block Element
  • D. Divider Element
  • E. Survey Element

Answer: B,C,D



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