How Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise

How Can You Lose Weight Without Exercise

Do you wanna know how can you lose weight without exercise? If yes, then here you go. To reduce the increasing weight, it is always recommended by the experts to exercise. Exercising burns calories, which helps in reducing weight.

If it is said that weight can be reduced only by exercising or weight loss cannot be done without going to the gym, then it will not be right, you can lose weight without exercise.

There are many ways to lose weight without a gym or exercise, with the help of which you can lose weight without exercise and enhance your personality. In this article, we will know how you can lose weight without exercise or how lose weight without gym.

How Lose Weight Without Gym?

Due to the fear of the covid-19 virus, many people are not able to exercise in the gym, and some people do not even like to exercise. In such a situation, if the question is asked whether, without going to the gym, weight can be reduced, then maybe some people will answer no.

Some people think that weight cannot be reduced without exercising and going to the gym, while this is not true. If you take the right diet and take care of some small things, then you can lose weight without exercise.

Know further what are the ways to lose weight without exercise and how to be thin without exercise.

Ways to Lose Weight Without Exercise 

If your weight is also increasing very fast and for some reason, you cannot exercise or go to the gym, then do not worry at all. You can lose weight without a gym or exercise.

You should know the rules or methods of reducing weight. Know further how to lose weight without exercising or going to the gym.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day to Lose Weight Without A Gym.

If you are thinking of how lose weight without gym, then you should drink more and more water. Water has zero calories, and drinking water does not make you feel hungry too quickly, which will help you avoid overeating.

Along with this, by drinking more water, the toxic substances present in the body also come out, which helps in reducing weight. To lose weight, you must drink at least 3-4 litres of water in a day. You have to drink water at short intervals to avoid drinking too much water at once.

Drink Hot Water To Lose Weight Without A Gym

You can lose weight without exercise. For this, you should drink two to three glasses of lukewarm water after waking up in the morning. The benefits of drinking hot water are excellent for our body; by drinking hot water, the extra belly fat is reduced, and the stomach is also cleaned well in the morning.

Along with this, by drinking hot water, the stale food stored in the stomach and intestines also comes out, and all the problems related to the stomach also start to go away. Remember that you have to drink hot water in the morning by sitting in a stale mouth and ship it comfortably, just like you drink tea.

Eat Healthy Breakfast To Lose Weight Without A Gym

The answer to how to lose weight without gym is simple. It is essential to have a healthy breakfast in the morning. Most of the people in our country start their morning with tea and after that eat food items like paratha, masala dosa, biscuit, white bread for breakfast.

All these things work to increase weight and increase obesity; you should take sprouted grains, fruits, vegetable juices, dry fruits, eggs, oats or porridge in your breakfast instead. 

Do Intermittent Fasting to Lose Weight Without A Gym

Intermittent fasting can help you the most in losing weight sitting at home. If someone asks how lose weight without gym, then, first of all, he/she will be advised to fast. Fasting strengthens the digestive system, flushes out toxins from the body and helps you avoid overeating. All these factors will help you to lose weight.

Intermittent fasting is also a type of fast in which you do not have to eat anything for some time. You can eat only at a certain time of the day. The 16/8 rule of intermittent fasting is the best for reducing weight.

In this, you have to fast for 16 hours of the day, and you can eat food only in the remaining 8 hours interval. It is not too difficult because the time of fasting is at night.

Reduce Sugar Intake to Lose Weight Without A Gym

Sugar works to increase weight in the body; there is a lack of nutrients in sugar, which causes fatal diseases like blood sugar, obesity and cholesterol. You can lose weight without exercise, for this, you should take only natural sugar obtained from fruits.

Refined sugar and things made from sugar should not be used at all. If you feel like eating sweets, then instead of sugar, you can use sugar candy, Khand, date sugar, jaggery and honey in a limited quantity.

Reduce the use of salt to lose weight sitting at home

Along with sugar, excessive consumption of salt and salty things also increases obesity.  Although salt is essential for our body, excessive intake of salt can harm the body.  Salt holds water in the body, due to which the weight of the body starts increasing.

Eat Protein Rich Food to Lose Weight Without A Gym

Protein is beneficial to develop the body’s muscles, strengthen bones, strengthen immunity and reduce weight. To lose weight, you must include protein in your diet.

Meat, fish, eggs, cheese, milk, sprouts, oats, lentils, almonds and peanut butter are good protein sources. To lose weight, use as much lean protein as possible. For this, you can use egg whites, chicken breast and protein supplements.

Do not consume fast food to lose weight sitting at home

If you do not like to workout or exercise, you can also lose weight without exercise. For this, you should stop consuming fast foods completely.

Most fast foods do not contain any nutrients like protein, fibre, vitamins, due to which the digestive system takes a lot of effort and time to digest them, and they also contain a lot of calories, which need exercise to spend.  

If you do not want to exercise, then stop consuming fast foods. Instead you eat home-cooked food. If you ever feel like eating fast food, then you can also make them at home in a healthy way.

Do not consume maida for weight loss without a gym

Fibre is negligible in maida and all things made from maida, due to which it takes time to digest them. Things made from maida accumulate in the stomach and work to increase weight, so you should stop consuming maida.

Most of the packaged foods and fast foods available in the market use maida only, along with some people also eat roti made from maida, which is not good for health at all.  Instead of maida, you can use wheat or multigrain flour.

Vitamin-C is useful in reducing weight sitting at home

Vitamin C helps in increasing the immunity of the body, keeping the skin and hair healthy and reducing weight. For how lose weight without gym, you should take plenty of vitamin C daily.

Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamin C, so make sure to consume them. Drink fresh fruit and fruit juices in the morning breakfast, definitely take salad in the food and eat boiled vegetables.

Eat fibre-rich Food to Lose Weight Without A Gym

Fibre is most essential for reducing belly fat.  With the help of fibre, food gets digested quickly, and the stomach is also clearly cleaned. The use of fibre is beneficial in reducing obesity, removing constipation and piles disease, so make sure to use fibre in your food.

You can find fibre in abundance in fruits, vegetables, salads, lentils and dry fruits. The best way to get fibre is to eat vegetables by boiling them instead of overcooking them.

To reduce obesity without exercise, dinner is important

People who have a question about how to lose weight without gym, they are always advised to take light food at night. Eat dinner before 8 o’clock and keep the dinner light, including salad, lentils or vegetables and chapati.

Along with this, the amount of carbs in the dinner should be low, and the amount of protein should be high. Our body does not need much carbs at night, so use them less at night.

Do walk after dinner

Some people eat late at night and fall asleep immediately after the meal, thus increasing the chances of gaining weight. After dinner, one must walk for some time, due to which food becomes easy to digest and weight does not increase. To lose weight without exercise, after dinner, you must walk at least 1000 steps.

Divide the food into small portions – Take Small Meals

One of the main reasons for weight gain is that some people overeat food in one go, often such people take two to three big meals a day, which the digestive system has to work very hard to digest.

You do not have to do this, to lose weight without exercise, try to eat a small amount of food 4 to 5 times instead of twice a day. This will not cause much pressure on the digestive system. And the food will be easy to digest.

To stay fit without exercise, chew food and eat

Some people eat food very quickly and do not chew the food properly, due to which the digestive system has to work very hard to digest the food, and the food is also not digested properly. As a result, the body weight starts increasing.

The way to lose weight and stay fit is that food should always be chewed by sitting comfortably. It is said that the food should be chewed so much that half of its digestion takes place inside the mouth.

Do not drink water in between meals

One should never drink too much water in the middle of the meal. By drinking water again and again in the middle of the meal, the stomach becomes soft, due to which the food is not digested properly, and weight and obesity start increasing.

If you want to lose weight without exercise, then you should drink water half an hour before meals and at least half an hour after meals. If you feel thirsty between meals, do not drink more than one or two sips of water. You can drink buttermilk or whey with food.

Do Body Detox to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Detox water is also essential for how to lose weight without exercise. Due to wrong eating habits and dust, soil and pollution, many toxic elements make their place in the body, which work to increase obesity and many diseases in the body. In such a situation, it becomes essential to remove these toxic elements from the body.

Detox waters are very helpful in getting these toxins out of the body. You can also read this post of ours on how to make detox water at home. How to make detox water at home for weight loss.

Sleep Well To Lose Weight Without A Gym

Do you know that our body burns calories even in sleep, so sleep is also essential for weight loss sitting at home? You must take a good 7-8 hours of sleep. Getting good sleep increases energy and stamina in the body, reduces stress and also maintains good skin and hair health. Home remedies to reduce belly fat and obesity, definitely know.

Drinks to Lose Weight Without Exercise 

Some drinks are also essential for how to lose weight sitting at home. You can call them weight loss drinks. Let’s know about these drinks.


Lemonade for weight lose

Mix the juice of one lemon and one spoon of honey in a glass of lukewarm water and drink it on an empty stomach in the morning and do not eat anything for 30 minutes after drinking it. You can drink it 3 times a week. This drink helps a lot in reducing weight.

Cumin Water 

Cumin water for weight lose

To make cumin water, soak a spoonful of cumin seeds in a glass of water at night, heat it lightly with water the next morning and consume it. It is also to be consumed on an empty stomach 2 to 3 times a week.

Green tea 

Green tea for weight lose

Green tea helps in reducing weight, definitely consume it. Green tea should be drunk after a meal, and do not drink more than two green teas in a day.

Cucumber juice 

Cucumber juice for weight lose

Green juice of cucumber is also a powerful weight loss drink. You can also use black salt and lemon in cucumber juice.

Coconut water 

Coconut water for weight lose

Coconut water helps in detoxifying the body, as well as prevents dehydration in summers. Make sure to include it in your daily routine.

To Lose Weight Without Gym Stay Away From These Things

Above we gave you information about some powerful wet loss drinks, and now let’s talk about which drinks you should not use. Some such drinks work to increase weight, and you are unaware of them. Some such drinks are as follows.

  • Tea
  • Cold drinks
  • Packed juice
  • Beer
  • Soda
  • Alcohol
  • Bottled sweet milk
  • Different types of shakes

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Be patient to lose weight for Weight Loss without exercise 

For how lose weight without exercise, use all these methods and have some patience; weight is not reduced in 10-15 days, you have to make all these things a part of your lifestyle and have to use them continuously. After some time, you will automatically start seeing its effect.


To lose weight without exercise or gym, you can use all the methods mentioned above. Along with this, it is not that you should not do any physical activity and sit in one place all day. You can walk around the house, do morning walks, do small household chores, do yoga and use a bicycle for small tasks.

In this way, you can lose weight without exercise and stay healthy without exercise and without going to the gym. I hope you have liked our post on how lose weight without exercise (gym), and you will also follow these ways to lose weight sitting at home.

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