List Of The Top CBSE Schools in Noida

List Of The Top CBSE Schools in Noida

Noida is known to develop as the education hub of India, owing to the development of several schools and colleges. While, on the one hand, such effects are significant, it can be challenging for parents to select the right school for their children. They must consider several factors before enrolling their children in a school. However, here are a few of the best high schools in Noida. 

The Global Indian International School

Parents consider the Global Indian International (GIIS) the best CBSE school in Noida. The school offers a range of facilities and is famous for its educational standards. The GIIS also provides courses and curricula like CBSE, IGCSE, IB, and many others to high school students. While, on the one hand, the school has a great academic performance, it also helps in the overall personality development of the students. Thus, admitting your child to GIIS might help you ensure their bright future. You also need not worry about your child’s safety and security, as the GIIS takes adequate care of it. 

The Delhi Public School Noida

The Delhi Public School has a compromising mission to help students achieve their goals through proper education. The school is known for its excellent student-teacher ratio. This allows teachers to focus on students individually and help them resolve their issues. The Delhi Public School also offers several co-curricular activities like painting, singing, and many other games. Though the school has a challenging admission process, it screens the students applying through multiple methods before admitting them. While, on the one hand, the admission process is slightly more complex, it also ensures admitting brilliant minds. 

Army Public School Noida

The Army Public School is one of the most renowned schools in Noida. This CBSE school offers the best education in Noida and a promising future for its students. While the school is reserved for army professionals’ children, one can get admission for their children if there is enough vacancy. However, the first preference goes to the army kids. The Army Public School is known for its rich alumni base and innovative teaching methods, which help students find engaging ways to study. The school also uses a well-designed syllabus for each class, adhering to the CBSE board guidelines. 

Ryan International School

The Ryan International School is the favorite choice of parents in Noida. While the other schools mentioned above offer excellent education, this school is known for its world-class facilities and education. The school helps the students have access to a broader cultural base. Thus, students can overcome their cultural biases and mix with others freely. The school also offers a well-archived library and labs to help students gain practical knowledge. 

Noida Public School

The Noida Public School is affiliated to the CBSE board and follows a competitive syllabus. The school offers various streams to the students in high school, allowing them to select a career choice of their own. Parents prefer the Noida Public School as it helps children develop strong personalities and ensures a bright future. The school also offers several facilities and uses creative learning methods to help students learn various subjects. 

Maharshi Vidya Mandir School Noida

The Maharshi Vidya Mandir School is famous amongst parents in Noida for two reasons. On the one hand, the school offers excellent education facilities and a great academic record. On the other hand, the school is also comparatively more affordable than other private CBSE schools. Hence, if you have a limited budget but are unwilling to compromise on your child’s education, it would be best to consider this school. 



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