Leg Raises Exercise: How To Do, Variations, Benefits, And Mistakes

Leg Raises Exercise: How To Do, Variations, Benefits, And Mistakes

Leg Raises Exercise: To get 6-8 pack abs and a flat tummy, along with food or diet (Best foods for a flat stomach and abs) it is also necessary to do the best exercise to make 6 pack abs.

But it is more important than that that the body fat percentage of your whole body should be low. Only when this happens, the abs are visible.

Therefore, while making abs, some mistakes should be avoided (Reasons you do not have abs).

There are many exercises to tone the abs. Abs can also be built with some dumbbell workouts. But the name of the best and easiest exercise is ‘Leg Raise’.

By doing this good tension is created, which helps in making 6-pack abs. So today we will tell you about what a leg raise Exercise is, the right way to do it, its benefits, precautions, and mistakes.

What Is Leg Raise Exercise?

Leg raises are a strength exercise. It targets the iliopsoas. The abdominal muscles are used to stabilize the body during movement.

This exercise is often used to strengthen the rectus abdominis muscle and the internal and external oblique muscles. It mainly trains the lower abs.

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Machine / Equipment For Leg Raise

No equipment is needed for the basic variation of the leg raise exercise. This is a bodyweight exercise. It is done by body weight only.

But to create more tension in the gym, incline abs are done on board. At the same time, this exercise is also done by putting weight on the feet at the advanced level.

Leg Raises Exercise Variations

The basic variation of the leg raise exercise is done lying on the ground or flat bench. But if you want to create more tension, then you can try the following variations with the advice of a trainer. These variations are done from different angles.

Recumbent Variation

  • Side-lying Leg Raise
  • Seated Leg Raise
  • Alternate Leg Raise
  • Fractionated Leg Raise

Variations To Do With Force

  • Joints Leg Raise
  • Weights Leg Raise

Variations To Do With Forms

  • Range Leg Raise
  • Tempo Leg Raise

How To Do Leg Raises Exercise?

Leg Raise Exercise

To do leg raise exercise, it is done by lying on the floor or mat. To do this, lie down straight on the floor and keep your arms straight. After this tighten the core and keep breathing normal, stick the legs together. Now lift while pulling the toes.

Try to keep your legs as straight as possible, which will create more tension. Bringing the feet up to 60 degrees, slowly bring them towards the ground. But keep in mind that the feet should not touch the floor below. This will be called one of your reps. Similarly do 3 sets of 15-20 reps.

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Benefits Of Leg Raises Workout

  • Doing this exercise strengthens the core.
  • Increases the strength of the core, which helps in heavy lifting.
  • This is a very good and effective abs exercise, which helps in toning the abs.

Mistakes and Precautions Of Leg Raise Exercise

While doing leg raises, some people keep the core loose, due to which the focus is not on the core and your exercise becomes the best. Therefore, while doing this exercise, keep the core tight.

If you don’t squeeze your back muscles and abs, you’re only working the hip flexors, which is wrong. Therefore, while doing this exercise, keep the hips squeezed as well. While doing leg raises, try to keep the legs straight, so that the load can come properly. Some people do not breathe while doing this and hold their breath, which is wrong.

If the load is coming on the lower back while lifting the legs, then you should avoid doing this exercise and pay attention to the position.


You must have understood why leg raise exercise is considered to be the best exercise for abs. If you also want ripped 6 pack abs, then definitely include it in the plan.


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