LED Signs Vs Neon Signs – Place Your Bet Wisely

LED Signs Vs Neon Signs – Place Your Bet Wisely

In 1910, Paris, the “city of lights,” hosted a motor show where neon signs made their debut. Neon signs quickly became a popular part of outdoor advertising because of their stunning effect on the audience. Until LED signs appeared in the 1970s, neon signs remained the most popular type of signage. Despite the fact that both options for signage are still very popular, businesses frequently find themselves at a crossroads when choosing between them. 

LED signs Brisbane and Gold Coast offer custom led signs, led sign boards, and consulting to businesses and brands. The custom LED signs are very bright and of high quality.  The main differences between neon signs and LED signs are discussed in this article. 

  1. Price Point: Just like with any other signage material, the cost is heavily influenced by subjective factors like the project’s design, style, and size. In general, LED sign boards might be a little less expensive. LED sign boards are approximately 10% cheaper than neon signs. The supplier you work with and the quality of the materials they use also affect the prices.  
  2. Energy Efficiency If you value energy efficiency above all else, LED comes out on top. Neon signs use more energy than LED sign boards do. Even though the most recent developments in neon technology have made it a little bit more energy efficient, it is still insufficient to compete with custom LED signs.   
  3. When looking for a long-term signage solution, another important metric to take into account is maintenance. Custom LED signs don’t need a lot of upkeep, and once you put them up, you won’t have to worry about them for a long time. Neon signs, on the other hand, require gas refills on occasion, which can be costly. Because neon signs are still made with glass tubes and gases, they can break or leak, which can be bad for you and the environment. LED sign boards are gas-free, long-lasting, and safe. They are also environmentally friendly because they produce less carbon dioxide and can be easily recycled. 
  4. Installation of LED sign boards can be installed in a few hours or less, depending on the project, because they are simple to work with and handle. Neon signs can only be installed by professionals because of their weight, fragility, and power requirement. Because improper installation can result in damage, make sure the company you are working with has neon installation specialists. 
  5. LED sign boards are more visible and brighter than traditional ones. However, neon signs appear friendlier than LED signs in terms of aesthetics and vibe. The light that neon gives off is welcoming, warm, and retro. Even though LED lights are brighter, they can look cold, stiff, and harsh to the eye. 

You can register with Impactledscreen to get LED signs Brisbane and LED signs in Gold Coast if you’re looking for custom led signs and effective led sign boards.  The custom LED sign boards are highly effective and you can get them at competitive prices.   


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