Learning the Spanish Alphabet: Alphabet set Songs in Spanish videoes and Youtube

Learning the Spanish Alphabet: Alphabet set Songs in Spanish videoes and Youtube

Learning the Spanish Alphabet: Alphabet Songs

Fun Alphabet melodies in Spanish to chime in with your children. This rundown of Spanish letters in order melodies will assist your children with learning their ABCs in the blink of an eye! Also Read: Words From l

Learning the Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish Alphabet or Abecedario incorporates 27 letters. Find underneath the elocution guide in our Spanish for Kids Starter Kit, which has bunches of other Spanish education assets.

Spanish Alphabet Songs Youtube

There are countless choices on YouTube to learn essential jargon in Spanish, but finding quality channels can sometimes be testing.

No matter what the video and music highlight intended to keep kids drawn in, with regards to melodies to become familiar with the ABC in Spanish, it is normal to track down interpretations of tunes about the “Abecedario” that do exclude the “Ñ” or are as yet including “ll” and “ch” which are never again part of the letter set in Spanish.

Underneath, we have picked a rundown of Spanish letter set tunes that are ideal for acquainting the ABCs in Spanish with kids. This rundown incorporates quality melodies to add to your playlists and deals with screen-free openness to jargon as you pay attention to music in the vehicle or behind the scenes at home.

We have remembered some conventional letter set tunes for Spanish that sing about each letter, yet additionally some Spanish letters in order melodies which focus on the vowels that are vital.

Letter set Songs in Spanish.

Prescribed Spanish letter set tunes to show kids their ABCs. Ensure you look at our other tomfoolery arrangements of Spanish Songs and Spanish Nursery Rhymes!

Canción del ABC

This is an exceptionally basic Spanish letter in order tune is a slow speed melody that lights up each letter as a woman spruced up as a doll brings up to each letter.

Sesame Street: ABCs En Español

In this Spanish letter set tune for youngsters, Elmo and American entertainer Gina Rodriguez acquaint the ABCs in Spanish with kids with a perky straightforward melody. The exchange between them is in English as they welcome youngsters to gain proficiency with the letter set in Spanish.

Peppa Pig ABC

This isn’t a melody. Notwithstanding, famous kid’s shows could be valuable to acquaint Spanish with your kid. Watching their #1 animation could keep them connected also. This is tomfoolery and a basic method for acquainting the Spanish letter set with kids with the famous animation character Peppa Pig. The letters are presented trailed by a word that beginnings with the letter.

Spanish Alphabet Vowel tunes to add to your playlists.

These specific letters in order melodies focus on Spanish vowels.


This extremely simple and fun melody interests more seasoned kids and includes an exemplary stone beat. It involves bunches of redundancy and opens doors for kids to rehash the vowels as they chime in.

The Vowels – Las Vocales

This is the exceptionally straightforward tune for more youthful children to chime in too and gain proficiency with the vowels in Spanish.

Letter set Songs in Spanish.

We genuinely want to believe that you have partaken in this rundown of Spanish letters in order tunes for youngsters that can be found on Youtube. Let us know your top choices! Try to follow Bilingual Kidspot on Facebook for more Spanish learning assets!


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