Leading International Payment Gateways

Leading International Payment Gateways

The world is getting smaller as e-commerce expands. You can build a global business right here in India. With eCommerce, you may realise your goal of having a global reach. Your ambition of running a global business, on the other hand, would not have been conceivable without a safe international freelancer payment platform. In this post, I’ll go through the top ten international payment gateways for Indian merchants.

You may be utilizing another payment gateway on the site and thinking about what an international payment gateway is.

What exactly is an international payment gateway?

You trade in numerous currencies as your company expands globally. When clients see the cost of a commodity in their currency, their likelihood of making a purchase rises. An international freelancer payment platform enables international consumers to pay in their native currency.

The payment gateway provides optimum security to avoid theft during transactions. Payment gateways facilitate and simplify international payment and transaction processing.

The following are the top international payment gateways for merchants.


PayPal is a well-known and respected online payment method for businesses. It is a widely used payment gateway that accepts payments via debit and credit cards. PayPal works effortlessly with a shopping cart to enable a secure and quick transaction.

PalPal is available in over 200 countries and is used by over 3,41,497 websites worldwide. Payments are accepted in over 100 currencies.


Stripe is the ideal freelancer payment platform for managing ecommerce site shopping carts. What sets them apart is that they also provide recurring expense assistance. It is a one-stop payment system that accepts debit and credit card transactions as well as bitcoin, and ACH transactions. Stripe, which operates in over 139 countries worldwide, is ideal if you provide a subscription service.


Visa’s fully controlled affiliate is Authorize.Net. It is the payment method of choice for small internet enterprises and retailers. They market themselves as a small business dealer. Authorize.net can be utilized to expand your business throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. It enables recurring billing systems and offers a simpler shopping cart checkout. It is a versatile payment gateway that provides free 24/7 support from knowledgeable people who assist you in creating unique connections.


Checkout.com provides several advantages. It provides quick and simple setup for many payment options for both international and domestic operations. It is sold in Europe, the Middle East, and Latin America. All standard debit and credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, and UnionPay, are accepted. Checkout.com, which debuted in 2012, provides payment solutions depending on its breakthrough technology and reliability.


2Checkout, located in the United States, provides international payment solutions in over 90 currencies. Over the course of their 16-year journey, they have supported over 50,000 retailers. They have a safe digital wall and accept eight different payment methods. They are present in around 200 worldwide markets.

PCI Level 1 compliance is achieved by 2Checkout. It also enables for currency and language modification and personalization.

CC Avenue

A PCI DSS 3.2.1 compliant payment service for online companies in India, founded in 2001. Helps over 1 lakh retailers around the nation accept payments via a variety of new-age payment methods. Provides 200+ payment alternatives across its system, including seven main credit card processing methods, 59+ net banking alternatives, 98+ debit card handling, 16 prepaid products, and 13 bank EMI alternatives. Furthermore, Amex EzeClick and UPI transactions are accepted.

Allied Wallet

For high-risk international purchases and payments, Allied Wallet is the best payment gateway for international transactions. It contains useful features such as the NextGen Dashboard, which may provide transaction data with a single click. Allied Wallet, which is presently available in 196 nations, also keeps track of your sales. With its simple user interface, it is extremely user-friendly. It is a worldwide recognised credit card handling and merchant service operator.


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