Latest Veeam VMCE2021 Test Voucher | New VMCE2021 Study Guide

Latest Veeam VMCE2021 Test Voucher | New VMCE2021 Study Guide

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The VMCE 2021 Exam is a comprehensive exam that covers a wide range of topics related to Veeam solutions. VMCE2021 exam is divided into several sections, including product overview, installation and configuration, backup and recovery, replication, monitoring and reporting, and troubleshooting. You will need to have a thorough understanding of these topics and be able to demonstrate your skills in practical scenarios to pass the exam.

The VMCE2021 exam is intended for IT professionals who have experience with Veeam products and solutions, and who want to validate their skills and knowledge. VMCE2021 exam covers a range of topics including Veeam Backup and Replication, Veeam One, Veeam Availability Orchestrator, and Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365. VMCE2021 exam is designed to test the candidate’s ability to perform tasks such as configuring backup and replication jobs, monitoring and reporting on backups, and troubleshooting issues with Veeam solutions.

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New Veeam VMCE2021 Study Guide – VMCE2021 Reliable Test Materials

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Veeam VMCE 2021 Sample Questions (Q96-Q101):

Which backup mode uses the file extension .vib for incremental backup files?

  • A. Veeam Backup & Replication does not create files with the .vib extension
  • B. Veeam Backup & Replication always creates .vib files to store increments and rollbacks
  • C. Reverse incremental backup
  • D. Forever forward incremental backup

Answer: D


A company has separate networks for management traffic and data traffic. All Veeam components are communicating over the management network. How would they define the data network for backup data transfers?

  • A. Update routing tables on the components involved in data transfer
  • B. Re-add all Veeam components involved in data transfer through the required interfaces
  • C. Use the preferred network settings to switch to data network for the backup traffic
  • D. Create a global network traffic rule, set appropriate source and target IP range

Answer: D


Which Virtual Lab configurations are available when configuring recovery verification for replicas?
(Choose three.)

  • A. Advanced single-host
  • B. Basic single-network
  • C. Basic multi-host
  • D. Advanced multi-host
  • E. Basic single-host
  • F. Advanced multi-network

Answer: A,D,E

Which of these repository types can NOT be an extent of the scale-out backup repository?
(Choose two.)

  • A. A deduplicating storage appliance
  • B. A Linux server
  • C. A Windows server
  • D. A cloud repository
  • E. A Shared Folder (CIFS/SMB share)
  • F. Another scale-out repository

Answer: D,F


A Veeam administrator is concerned about keeping backups on site and has traditionally used tapes to store backups older than 30 days in order to free up space on their backup repository for longer-term storage. The company is currently using Scale-out Backup Repositories. What option would satisfy the requirement?

  • A. Move to capacity tier
  • B. File copy job
  • C. Backup to object storage
  • D. Copy to capacity tier

Answer: A


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