Know the many premium door locks and the benefits of the cylindrical lock

Know the many premium door locks and the benefits of the cylindrical lock

Locks have been used to protect property from ancient times, with known findings dating to the Nineveh ruins some four thousand years ago. The door lock system evolved from stones and metals to safeguard valuable residential and commercial properties worldwide. Renowned manufacturers in India have been at the forefront of making premium door locks in many styles, shapes, colours, designs, and others, with safety at the core. From the rim and mortise to cylindrical locks are now available to protect hard-earned things at home, offices, factories, and other commercial establishments. 

This article will discuss the many premium door locks and the several benefits of the most common door lock system, the cylindrical lock

 What are premium door locks?

In this modern and digitalized world, locks no longer have the traditional looks and operating systems. The advancing technology has transformed the door lock system to be more sophisticated in use, great in looks and excellent in functionality to enhance security. The reputed manufacturers with years of experience make many premium door locks with additional functionalities and features to increase the aesthetic appearance and easy operation facilities. It has made it hard for thieves and burglars to break open the locks of residential and commercial properties worldwide. The well-equipped and advanced security measures make these premium locks ideal for doors, lockers, and other places that need the utmost safety. 

What are the many premium door locks?

The door lock system needs to increase for enhanced security and aesthetic looks, so there are many premium doors locks to fulfil them, including a few. 

  • Rim locks are the most common door lock system in many households, mounted on the door’s surface with a latch sliding into the keeper on the door frame or rim to provide enough security.
  • Mortise locks fitted to the door are hard to avoid any forced opening than other locks to keep the home safe. 
  • Euro profile cylinder door lock with a special design for industrial use can also be ideal for bathrooms, as it uses Euro locking technology for maximum security with controlled access.
  • Furniture locks include round, square, superia round multi-purpose locks, switch locks, Secura smart, drawer, & wardrobe locks, sliding and Hexateuch cupboard locks.

The benefits of cylindrical locks

Cylindrical locks are the most common premium door locks with a lock chassis, separate latch bolt, and operable trims like knobs or levers with roses. The cylinder gets within the knob or lever for keyed functions, and complete removal of the lock is essential for retrieving the cylinder to rekeying in conventional cylindrical locks. These locks are designed to install through the door with the lever or knob on either side to retract depressed or turned latches. Compared to mortise locks, cylindrical locks have a smaller lever and trim design and are available in many finishes for many door thicknesses, strike options and backset dimensions. Many cylindrical lock benefits include. 

  • It is easy to install with the need of drilling only two holes on the door face for the lock chassis and the other door’s strike edge for the latch bolt. 
  • Saves time and cost with easy installation as it does not need any additional set-up steps for the lock and is also less expensive than other locks
  • A wide range of lock functions can be useful in many constructions, like the interior, exterior, new and also retrofit
  • Available in grades one to three for high-traffic and abuse areas, moderate traffic and residential locks 

Dorset, with a humble start in 1995 has grown to make over 2.5 million premium door locks annually to win many awards and offer all the benefits of cylindrical locks to many countries.


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