Know more about the best quality rubber and cable extrusion machines

Know more about the best quality rubber and cable extrusion machines

During the industrial revolution, people made advanced machines to save time in production. In addition, they focus on the quality and the demand of the market and supply their best products that can help you make your business more flexible and profitable.


Therefore, Supermac supplies its best quality rubber extrusion and cable extruder machine to India, South East Asia, and Africa. Let’s find out the working method and the benefits of availing their products.


Rubber Extrusion machines

It is called rubber extrusion when you turn rubber materials into a particular shaped product. Supermac provides their best quality rubber extrusion machine to provide the shape. It has two main parts: a heated shearing screw conveyor and a die. Here we discuss some of the products of Supermac.


Standard extruder

This extrusion machine helps to produce long continuous products such as tubing, tire treads, and wire covering. You can also use it to produce various products that you can cut later to length.


Laboratory rubber extruder

Supermac’s laboratory rubber extruders help extrusion and mixing of rubber compounds. It applies to a different formula of the compound as well as the shaping of simple rubber materials. Supermac’s laboratory extruders are ideal for delivery and response time for low-volume or pilot runs.


Pin barrel rubber extruder

Supermac produces a pin barrel rubber extrusion machine that helps to extrusions of rubber compounds at room temperature. For instance, it can extrude inner and tire heads and coat rubber tubes and conveyor belts. In addition, such rubber extrusion machines have good plastifying and mixing properties which can result in uniform goods.


Supermac produces many more types of rubber extrusion machines in the shape of vacuum degassing extruders, silicon cable extruders, and so on.


Top Cable Extrusion Lines Machines

Supermac is a trustable name for cable extruder machine manufacturers and suppliers worldwide. You can recognize it for its revolutionary product line that carries the best amalgamation of quality, cost, and delivery.


The global cable industry cements the top place for Supermac to provide the best quality LAN cables and THNN wires. The extrusion lines are available in single, dual, or triple systems. A user-friendly interface and a self-diagnostic feature make it more unique than the other brands.

The Supermac extrusion lines provide high production speed with an optimized processing unit. It consumes a low energy consumption feature and customized setting option. In addition, it can work with versatile materials. Let’s talk about some of their top-quality cable extruder machines.


Dry cure CCV lines machine

Supermac manufactures machines for dry cure CCV lines due to multiple decades of dedication in the cable Extrusion Industry. Incorporating a high-torque motor provides the customer with a wide range of torque required to extrude various products. It is easy to couple the system directly on the machines as a compact system. In addition, it can eliminate the requirement of various speeds changing Gear Boxes. Supermac’s dry cure CCV lines machines are meant to run long continuous production schedules. In addition, it takes care of frictional heat and pressure and delivers uniform production.


Triple Extrusion Line Machine

 Supermac is a leading manufacturer of triple extrusion line machines. It always pioneers process engineering. In addition, Triple Extrusion Cross Headsets the design of this machine. The melt flow distributors optimally match the insulation’s shapes, depth, and viscosities. Moreover, the semiconductor materials result in very low wall thickness tolerance to help you save the material.



 In conclusion, Supermac produces insulation Lines for building wires machines, extrusion machines for Solar Cables, and many more in their factory. Therefore, it makes the future of the cable industry stable and flourishing.


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