Know everything about optical fiber cable and processing method

Know everything about optical fiber cable and processing method

You may rely upon cloud-based services like Google Drive to maintain business productivity in the present day. In such an advanced world, you expect that you can download information instantly. However, the lower infrastructure of your cable networking may hamper your desire. Therefore, you better trust optical fiber cables for better performance.


Making optical fiber is another vital issue for a manufacturer. Therefore, Supermac, a trusted fiber machine supplier, made their masterpiece which produces a good quality optical fiber cable. Let’s have a quick look at the configuration of optical fiber cables.


Configuration of Optical Fiber Cable

The Optical Fiber Cables Extrusion machine configuration depends upon several factors like material to extrude, output requirement, and cable design. The line speed ranges depend upon the size and material of the optical fiber. Supermac uses software that is designed to make the machine interface simple. The fiber machine has a self-diagnostic feature that is useful for any defect or malfunction, even while running.


The company incorporates the machine with IOT-enabled hardware and follows the industry 4.0 norms. Supermac designs ingredients to save energy and work at an optimum level for all sizes and varieties of optical fiber cable.


The high-speed optical fiber sheathing line machine is one of the best-sellers of Supermac. Expert professionals equip the line with very high-precision tension control devices. It runs in a complete closed-loop system. These fiber machines’ fast dynamic response correction system manages the perfect diameter of cable at any speed.


The line typically consists of dual payoff and takes up continuous production. As a dedicated design, the crosshead suits the complexity of typical sheathing-grade material. In addition, you can make the operation easy with the help of pre-defined recipes.


Supermac provides various combinations, e.g., Tandem, Co-extrusion, or Single Extrusion. You can customize the line parameters to suit your desired cable design. The company designs extruder crosshead combinations to cover the sheathing product range smallest to the biggest size. In addition, you can make it without much adjustment.


Three major Benefits of Optical Fiber Cable

Now, let’s find out the benefits of optical fiber cable for your connectivity.


Better bandwidth

Optical fiber cables have much more bandwidth than metal cables. You can transmit information per unit of time faster, giving it uniqueness in the market. In addition, the increasing data transmission requirement is becoming an important part of high bandwidth availability.

Therefore, if you are facing problems owing to low bandwidth or difficulty, you better avail optical fiber cables. This upgrade may help you to find a better bandwidth.


Faster Speed

When your bandwidth becomes strong, you can get fast access to your issues in the network. Networks made with optical fiber cable are faster than any high-speed copper internet connection. It has options ranging from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps. You can save your company working time by availing an optical fiber network in your business.


Strong security

You upgrade data security when you use optical fiber cables for your networking system. These cables don’t radiate signals. In addition, you cannot tap it without expertise. Having a higher physical security, you can rely on optical fiber cable as a networking potential. What can be more helpful than availing such advanced cable in your networking?



In conclusion, the entire matter comes to the point of producing such good quality cables. Therefore, you can produce a better optical fiber cable on your own with the help of the fiber machines of Supermac. In addition, choosing them as the extruder supplier can be the right choice for you.


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