Is It Possible To Charge an Electric Car?

In this fast moving world where technology is changing day by day, engineers have introduced the concept of electric cars. Gasoline reserves are now consumed, the prices are increasing day by day. Electric cars have been found successful as they replace the consumption of gasoline fuel with electric power. Electric power can be generated through solar panels, as a result it is more cost-effective and saves gasoline.  The question arises here: is it possible to charge your electric car with a solar panel? The answer to that is yes, you could charge your electric car with a solar panel using EV charging point. Several things you should know about your electric car charging like:

Can You Install Solar Panels On An Electric Car?

That’s the real main time question every electric car owner needs to ask. The Answer to that is no, at least not yet. Firstly, solar panels need direct sunlight, they wouldn’t be able to generate much power in winter.  When parked in a garage or shadow or driving in tunnels, solar panel systems might not work properly. You also need big panels or big solar cells, which is not possible to install in cars. Solar PV technology is advancing every year, but it is very expensive. Plus, they are also quite fragile. But sooner or later, the advancements will solve every query relating to this issue.

Install Solar Panels In Your Home:

The best place to install solar panels to charge your electric car is to install it in your home. With battery storage, you can charge your car even overnight when you sleep. This is the right time to invest in solar panels for your electric car charging. The initial investment is expensive, but search for Solar Together to install it at a cheaper price. Solar Together also has a group buying scheme that makes solar panel and battery storage more accessible and affordable for  your electric car. All above are the considerations one must know about charging his/her electric car. One last recommendation is to use Ecoflow Coupon Code to buy reasonable and portable solar systems. Additionally for home owners to go environment friendly, they can use inspire energy coupon code.

Utilizing Solar PV in Your Home:

Planning to go the extra mile, you can utilize solar PV for charging your electric car. Solar PV helps speed up the charging process by using solar energy from your panels to supplement the charging. Like, half power comes from the solar panel and half from the grid. This helps reduce your dependency on the national grid and save money by using energy from the sun. The only thing you need to ensure is that your EV charger communicates with your solar PV system.

How Many Solar Panels Needed To Charge Electric Cars?

The Answer to that question is that it depends on various factors. Like the size of your battery, efficiency of your solar cells, how much sunlight you get and how much driving you do. A thumb rule that follows more is 8-12 panels are enough to fully charge a battery in a reasonable timeframe.


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