Is Google Maps A Good Source For B2B Leads? How To Get Them?

Is Google Maps A Good Source For B2B Leads? How To Get Them?

Why Google Maps Is The Best Source For B2B Leads?

Google Maps can be a gold mine of business data for every business. Platforms such as Google Maps and LinkedIn have a huge amount of business data to collect for marketing campaigns and business growth. In today’s age business data is very important for every business owner and marketer to run a b2b marketing campaign. While collecting business leads from Google Maps can be a very important step for ensuring your business longevity and developing your business growth.

With more than 1 billion monthly visitors and 12 million businesses, Google Maps is the largest business directory in the world. So, you can imagine a lot of business lead data is available on Google Maps to collect to grow your business.

The Best Way To Get B2B Leads From Google Maps

A successful business always relies on customer data for growth. This data may be the customer’s email address, phone number, address, fax number, etc. Whatever means of communication you choose to approach customers you always need contact details collected manually or automatically. Companies always need unlimited business data to better understand their competition and customers and market their customers. Due to financial costs, time, management, and manually working, many companies operate with limited Google Maps data. But how do you get unlimited data from Google Maps for b2b marketing?

Today, Google Maps data collection helps you to understand your competitors and customers in a better way. A data broker or Google Maps Scraper tool can deliver rows upon rows of business data from Google Maps for your business to use. If you get a b2b lead list from any data-providing company, it may be outdated or irrelevant but collecting Google Maps data with Google Maps Scraping tools made this task easy for you. You can search for business contact details of any business from Google Maps just by entering their names, and these lead scraping tools provide you with a huge list of companies with full details including business names, addresses, emails, phone numbers, ratings, reviews, latitude, longitude, and much more in just a few minutes. Moreover, the business information collected with Google Map Extractor software will be relevant, updated, and accurate as compared to human work.

How To Use Google Map Extractor?

You can search and scrape thousands of emails and phone numbers from Google Maps according to your needs by using this Google Maps Email Extractor. The Google Maps Business Profile Scraper allows you to scrape business data by entering input parameters like keywords or category, city/state, and giving a list of business listings URLs. Google Map Extractor is a Google Maps Crawler that extracts information such as a Google Maps profile link, business name, address, phone number, ratings, reviews, address, latitude, longitude, website links, and much more from Google Maps. Google Maps Data Scraper uses advanced techniques to obtain data available on Google Maps.

Google Maps Business Data Extractor has an option to enter multiple search criteria or multiple keywords at once. Google Maps Phone Number Extractor supports all countries provided by Google Maps such as the United States, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, India, etc.


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