iPhone Repair in Mumbai: How to Speed Slow Functioning of Your iPhone?

iPhone Repair in Mumbai: How to Speed Slow Functioning of Your iPhone?

iPhones are well known for their dependability and strong performance. However, your phone’s performance may be affected from time to time.

If your phone starts to slow down, it’s a hint that you’ll need to upgrade it soon or give it to an expert dealing with iPhone repair in Mumbai. However, once you figure out what’s causing the problem, you should be able to repair it quite fast.

Why is Your iPhone Slow?

If you’re upset by how slow your iPhone has become, don’t worry. You’ll learn why it’s happening—and what you can really do about it in this article.

So, before you go out and buy a new phone or give your phone to an authorized iPhone repair in Mumbai, take a look at the below iPhone speed tips.

1. Outdated Software

When the software on which iPhones run is obsolete, it is one of the key reasons they perform slower. If you’ve ever used an iPhone that doesn’t get iOS updates, you know how aggravating it can be.

You’ll need to check for updates before deciding if the software is causing your phone to slow down. Follow the steps outlined below to accomplish this.

Go to General > Settings.

Select Software Updates from the General tab.

The notification on your iPhone screen will represent whether or not your iPhone software is up to date. However, if it isn’t, you will have to tap the button to download the most recent iOS version.

It may appear that downloading the most recent version of iOS regularly is a hassle. It is, however, required for optimizing your phone’s speed and preventing malware.

If you don’t want to manually download new updates, you can set your phone to do it for you. You’ll find an option called Automatic updates in the Software Updates tab; open it and toggle on Install iOS Updates. You can also visit an authorized Apple service center Mumbai, who will help you with updating your iPhone.

2. Low Storage

The longer we keep our phones the more storage space we consume. Apps we no longer use, photographs and screenshots from chats we’d rather forget about, and messages from conversations we’d rather forget about may all add up.

Insufficient storage space could be the cause of your phone’s poor performance on the latest version of iOS. If you discover this is the case, cleaning out your gadget is a smart idea.

You’ll need to restart the Settings app to check which apps are taking up the most space. Go to General > iPhone Storage once you’ve arrived. This option allows you to review any large attachments that are eating up space in various apps. You’ll also see how much space each app takes up on your phone as you scroll down.

3. Malware

Although the chances of your iPhone being infected with malware are slim, it is possible, particularly if you jailbreak it. To “jailbreak” a phone means to give the owner complete access to the operating system and all of its functions.

Malware will cause your phone to consume more power, so it’s understandable if it slows down.  If your phone is infected with malware, attempt the following:

  • Delete any apps you are unfamiliar with.
  • Update your software
  • Reboot your phone

If nothing else seems to work, try restoring your device to factory settings or visit an authorized Apple service center Mumbai.

4. Too Many Background Apps Running

Running apps in the background offers a few advantages: you can get to them more quickly if you need them, and you won’t have to click through to get back to the website you were on before.

However, having multiple apps open has its drawbacks. In addition to draining your battery faster, having several background apps running can prevent your iPhone from performing at its best.

Swipe to close the apps you’re not using if you fear you have too many running in the background. Limiting permissions, such as push notifications, may also be a good idea.

Allowing apps to access your location just when you’re in the app is another approach to prevent apps you’re not using from degrading your iPhone’s performance. In your phone’s settings, you may turn off all of these features.

5. Rebooting Your iPhone

It’s crucial to remember that phones require rest from time to time. Your iPhone operates around the clock when you use it for hours each day and charge it completely at night. This may have an effect on the performance of your phone over time.

Though you may not initially link your phone’s poor performance to a lack of sleep, it is something to think about. Reboot your phone if you’ve tried all of the procedures above and it still isn’t responding promptly.

To restart an iPhone, press and hold the Side or Sleep/Wake buttons while pressing and holding the Volume buttons. Then slide to turn off the power. Resetting your phone to factory settings may help in some circumstances.

Scroll down to Reset after you’ve arrived at Settings > General.

Choose Erase All Content and Settings after tapping on Reset. It’s a good idea to back up all of your content before taking your iPhone for repair to an Apple service center Mumbai.


You’re not alone if your iPhone is driving you insane. Even though Apple products perform better than Android devices, they, too, slow down over time. However, before you go out and buy a new one or give it for repair to an authorized iPhone repair in Mumbai, ask yourself what could be causing a number of factors. Once you understand the cause, then you can take steps to speed up your device.



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