Invisible Braces Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

Invisible Braces Cost, Advantages and Disadvantages

Those brackets and wires are the worst part of an orthodontic experience, which is why many people hate orthodontics!

But not an issue at all, as nowadays, advancements in orthodontics have made everything more accessible and more pleasing for people.

Therefore different types of braces have been introduced, catering to the different needs of the people.

So here in this article, I have come here to tell you about the different types of braces in orthodontics that is the invisible braces and their pros and cons in detail. Let’s see it in detail.

What are invisible braces?

Invisible braces are the same as other orthodontic tools like metal and ceramic braces. In simple words, invisible braces are orthodontic tools made of thin clear aligner materials known as flexible thermoplastic, also known as Invisalign or clear aligners.

With their name itself, we know that they are invisible and less visible than ceramic and metal braces. They may be expensive, but they can provide users with the best and most appealing results. However, visit the best dental clinic in Chennai for a better orthodontic experience!

Who are the suitable candidates for the invisible braces?

Invisible braces are only suitable for the following candidates;

  • People with less crowded and misaligned teeth are more suitable for invisible braces.
  • People with gaps in the teeth are also suitable for the invisible braces
  • People who prefer an invisible treatment are considered as best for the invisible braces.
  • People ready to spend undoubtedly on their treatment are considered best for the invisible braces. As these braces are considered the most expensive type of braces.

So these are suitable candidates for invisible braces.

What are the advantages of the invisible braces over the other braces?


The primary benefit of using invisible braces is it is invisible. Unlike other braces, these are not visible in front of others and provide your teeth with the proper alignment, which means alignment and correction along with invisibility. Their invisibility is their major pro that attracts many people to opt for this option.


These braces are easy to remove, so you can remove them during eating, brushing, flossing, and other oral care procedures. They’re made of soft material, so you may not feel discomfort and soreness while removing and wearing the braces. Therefore they are considered the most comfortable option among all other braces types.

No Food Restrictions:

With invisible braces, you can eat whatever and whenever you want. There are no food restrictions like the other braces, especially with the metal braces orthodontists may advise you to avoid, but this is not similar to the invisible braces. With these invisible braces, you can eat whatever you like.

Short Process:

Invisible braces are the only braces that are completed in fewer visits. It takes very few dental appointments at the dentist’s to complete the procedure than other types of braces.

So these were the advantages of the invisible braces. Let’s have a look at their disadvantages.

What are the disadvantages of invisible braces?

Not suitable:

Yes! you’ve heard it right; these invisible braces aren’t suitable for every tooth condition. If you only have fewer crooked and misaligned teeth, you can opt for these braces.

People with more misaligned and crooked teeth cannot opt for this type of braces as they won’t be effective. Therefore it is not suitable for more crooked and misaligned teeth.


Invisible braces are the costliest of all types of braces and couldn’t be replaced with the others as they are up with advanced features that cannot be replaced with any other type, which is why many people find them expensive. On average, the cost of invisible braces cost in Chennai may be around 70,000-1,50,000. Therefore they are considered one of the most expensive types of braces which everyone cannot afford.

Long time:

The biggest cons of the invisible braces are that you have to carry them for a long time, which means you can remove them only during eating, brushing, and other oral care; other than that, you cannot remove them even while you are sleeping. The suggested time to wear the invisible braces is 22 hours, and the orthodontists advise not to lessen this time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Invisible braces cost in Chennai:

Which braces are considered the best metal or Invisalign?

Both are superb and effective, considering their roles. If you opt for durability, you must pick up the metal braces, whereas if you opt for visibility, Invisalign can work the best for you.

Can you eat your food with the Invisalign braces?

No, before eating your food, you must remove them and then can have your food without any control or any restrictions. These braces are supposed to be worn around 22 hours a day, which means you can remove them only during eating and cleaning your teeth; other than this, you have to wear them all the time, even during sleeping; only then will these braces be effective.

Which aged children are perfect for the Invisalign treatment?

There is no specific age for the braces, but still, the dentists consider that braces treatment would be effective and best for teenagers. However, once your child is seven years of age, you can think of orthodontics! without worrying about anything.

I hope you find the article helpful. If you have any suggestions or comments, drop them below. See you soon with the following article.

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