Indian entrepreneurships and Jignesh Shah – the mentor

Indian entrepreneurships and Jignesh Shah – the mentor

‘The Predicted Manufacturing Competitiveness’ index. In recent years projects India is rising up the ranks. which would requiring better placement under ‘ease of doing business.

Sustained business reforms have managed to put India on the 100th spot in its global ranking. But investors need to look beyond rankings and consider parameters like cost of logistics — for which India needs serious catching up — before entrepreneurs decide to make India a preferred manufacturing destination, said Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently.

The Government is committed to charting a new path. Wherein business entities are extended red carpet welcome in a spirit of active cooperation.

India will guide foreign investors on all aspects of regulatory and policy issues. And to assist them in obtaining regulatory clearances. The Government is closely looking into all regulatory processes with a view to making them. Simple and reducing the burden of compliance on investors.

The PM’s continuous efforts to drive up the economy and industry growth. Has inspired many like fintech entrepreneur and innovator, Jignesh Shah, founder and now Chairman Emeritus of 63 moons technologies Ltd. Shah supports PM Modi fully in this venture since his technological contributions have had an immense impact on the growth and development of the financial sector and unveiled a different side of India in front of the world.  Start-up Industry has a lot of potential. it will be able to see long term success.

If the first-generation entrepreneurs. like, Jignesh Shah is able to provide the desired impetus and momentum. To this industry with his robust leadership.

According to him the idea is to make India a powerhouse in financial technology and exchanges and related ecosystem development. The idea was borne out of the untiring efforts of Jignesh Shah and his colleagues. An engineer by education, an entrepreneur by aspiration, and an evangelist by interest for financial markets development. His numerous efforts and endeavours led to the state of the financial market infrastructure that India could take pride in. Jignesh Shah has done path breaking work in the financial market development and promotion of multi asset class market segments. Across multiple geographies. And it is a welcome sign. That such tech evangelist innovators are coming forward to realise the vision of PM Modi.


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