In which racing game do the vehicles feel the most like they do in real life?

In which racing game do the vehicles feel the most like they do in real life?

Gamers have lauded the PlayStation-exclusive series for its realistic depiction of real-world vehicles, which has contributed to the series’ status as one of the most successful video game franchises of all time. Nonetheless, compared to 1997, Gran Turismo now has a greater number of competitors. Do you believe that it is still your best chance for enjoying a true, in-depth racing experience if you are a player living in the year 2022?

In order to find out, we looked at 15 distinct models of vehicles from the Gran Turismo, Forza Horizon, and Need for Speed racing simulation game series and compared the horsepower and weight of their brakes inside the games. After that, the statistics were compared to the technical requirements of the various kinds of current vehicles.

Continue reading to find out which of the many different racing video games that are now available has the most realistic simulations of the many types of automobiles.

Where can I find a racing game that has the most realistic simulation of the force required to apply the brakes?

After considering factors such as brake horsepower, we came to the conclusion that the video game version of Forza Horizon 5, which was released in 2021, had the most realistic depiction of real-world vehicles possible (bhp). The maximum brake horsepower (bhp) values, which is a measure of a vehicle’s power, were the most accurate in Forza Horizon 5, deviating from the real-world figures for the corresponding real-world models by an average of just 14 bhp. This is the most accurate the series has ever been.

The statistical study of Need for Speed: Hot found that around drift hunters one-third of the cars in the game had the same amount of braking horsepower as their real-world counterparts. Gran Turismo Sport, on the other hand, had the largest average gap between the brake horsepower measured virtually and that measured in real life. The BMW M3 was the most guilty vehicle, since it had 81 less horsepower than what was advertised.

Which racing game is the most realistic when it comes to depicting the weight of the vehicles?

Gran Turismo Sport is the racing game for 2017 that has the most accurate representation of car weight in simulation racing. This is despite the fact that its roster of vehicles has the least realistic braking horsepower of any other simulation racing game.

Although a car’s weight is directly related to its acceleration, peak speed, and braking times, it is encouraging to see that the average weight difference between the cars in Gran Turismo Sport and their real-world counterparts is only 30 kilograms. This shows that the developers of Gran Turismo Sport have done a good job of accurately representing the weight of the vehicles in the game. The cars that compete in Forza Horizon 5, which weigh an average of 1,462 kg, are the heaviest of the three main racing series that were evaluated.

Which video game has the most powerful and speedy vehicles?

What much of a difference are variables like brake horsepower and car weight going to create in the overall driving experience between these three different racing games? The cars in Forza Horizon 5 are the heaviest the franchise has ever seen, but they also have the most average brake horsepower, which enables them to achieve the highest peak speeds and acceleration levels ever seen in the game. Since it takes place in an open setting, the creators undoubtedly wanted players to be able to travel as swiftly as possible throughout Mexico, thus they made the autos faster than they would have been otherwise.

Need for Speed: Hot has the slowest beginning speeds and acceleration rates since it has the fewest overall horsepower of any of the Need for Speed games. In contrast to the first two Need for Speed games, Need for Speed Hot has a nitrous function that, when used, provides the player with an immediate boost in speed. This is intended to make up for the lower starting skills.



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