Important things to verify while buying a diamond ring

Important things to verify while buying a diamond ring

While buying a diamond, where shall you begin from? If you have never approached unknown territory, then it can be a riddle wrapped in an enigma for you. You might have heard about the 4Cs that have been introduced by the GIA Gemological Institute of America. The purity of a diamond is primarily based on the 4Cs. Here in this guide, we shall share some of the aspects you need to verify before buying a diamond ring.

The 4Cs of diamond

When you are buying a diamond, knowing about the 4Cs and verifying them with the diamond you are buying is important. 4C includes- Carat, Cut, Color, and Clarity. A pure diamond depends on these 4Cs. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond. Diamond weight is measured by a unit called Carat. One Carat is equal to 0.2 grams carat of a diamond is important because a slight difference in carat could affect the price of the diamond by a large margin. Next comes the cut of a diamond.
The cut is the second most crucial aspect to be considered. It determines the sparkle and brilliance of a diamond. If you are a beginner, you might not know that a diamond with the perfect cut will have the best shine and sparkle and the cut is the aspect that makes a diamond look extraordinarily shiny. The color of the diamond also matters when it comes to the price. Clarity determines if the diamond is flawless or if it has some inclusions. However, you would hardly find any diamond without inclusions. The rule is the lesser the inclusions the higher the price of the diamond.

Ask for a grading report

Buying a diamond is a huge investment and you don’t want your hard-earned money to be wasted right? For this, all you need is to ask your jeweler for a non-biased report prepared by a reliable grading institute like GIA. The certification from GIA shall have an overall report about the diamond-like its inclusions, carat weight, grades for clarity, color, and every other detail. This report will ensure you that the diamond you are buying is pure and very much worth the money invested. Even when you are buying bespoke engagement rings you should ask for GIA certification.

Check out the popular diamond shapes

The most popular shape of diamond is the round cut diamond. The reason is the brilliant round cut brings out a diamond’s fire and brilliance. The round shape also makes it easy to pair it with other additional gems. The round-cut diamond is the most expensive cut. Hence while purchasing the diamond ring, verify the cut before buying it. The princess cut or the square cut is the second most popular cut in diamonds and it’s less expensive compared to the round cut the reason is less raw materials are wasted while giving the princess cut. The square cut also goes well as a three-stone ring.
The oval-cut diamonds also offer excellent shine and the best part of oval-cut diamonds are they appear larger than the actual carat weight because of their elongated appearance. This cut also makes your finger look elongated. You can also check out the less popular cuts like the pear cut that looks like a teardrop or the cushion cut which looks like a square but its corners are round unlike squares. Emerald cut and Marquise cut are also less popular cuts but their aesthetic is no less as it’s all about diamonds. These cuts are less expensive.
Do not buy a diamond unless you have verified it completely and you are sure about its purity. Lab grown diamonds UK are equally valuable as the mined diamonds and therefore, these verifications apply to lab grown diamonds as well.


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