Importance of bmw service center in Dubai

Importance of bmw service center in Dubai

Bmw service center, No matter if you drive the BMW 3-Series, 5-Series, or X5 maintaining your vehicle is vital for its longevity. BMW recommends services provided at the cost of every model. The manufacturer has set guidelines regarding when and how maintenance services should be conducted according to the amount of time or mileage. Although it could appear you drive your vehicle to the shop on a regular basis, the vast majority of these tasks are not intensive and they are actually quite useful, bmw service center.

You’ve felt the power and smoothness of the BMW when you have one:

It is essential to maintain your car by following a BMW maintenance program to ensure that you get a strong and enjoyable driving experience. The recommended maintenance for brand-new BMWs is not just something you need to do to ensure it runs like new, but it’s also mandatory as part of the majority of warranties. The reason is that if you don’t perform the BMW recommended servicing they are unable to guarantee that nothing will go wrong like engine problems or braking issues.


BMW as well as other automakers come with an inventory of maintenance tasks to be done regularly to keep the vehicle’s system functioning and in top operating condition. Although some of the tasks may be different depending on the type of vehicle you have but the majority are the same. The most important services are scheduled to be completed according to the intervals listed below.

Engine oil must be replaced every 10,000 miles or every 12 months.

Fuel filters must be replaced every 20,000 – 4000 miles.

Each time you drive 10,000 miles, or for 12 months change your oil filter.

Every 60 miles you should replace the filter in your car.

Each 10,000 mile, the coolant needs to be replaced.

Spark plugs must be replaced at least every 60,000 miles.

Brake fluid is changed every thirty miles for the first 30,000 miles and every 60,000 miles thereafter.


If you are comparing the 3-Series with the 5 Series, they are similar. However, certain models differ and have different specifications for service intervals, bmw service center. Check out how BMW time intervals for service and see how they differ.

The oil in the engine must be replaced each 10,000 miles.

Each 60,000 mile, check or change the air filter.

At every 10,000 miles change your oil filter.

The Each 60,000 mile, change your cabin’s air filters.

Every 10,000 miles, check the coolant level and refill it as needed.

Each 60,000 mile, you should replace those spark plugs

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