HPE6-A81 Test Free & Cost Effective HPE6-A81 Dumps

HPE6-A81 Test Free & Cost Effective HPE6-A81 Dumps

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The HP HPE6-A81 certification exam is a highly sought-after certification exam that is designed for professionals who want to demonstrate their expertise in deploying and managing Aruba ClearPass solutions. The exam is designed to test the candidate’s knowledge and skills in various areas such as ClearPass architecture, ClearPass policy management, and ClearPass guest management.

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Free PDF HP – HPE6-A81 – Valid Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert Written Exam Test Free

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HP Aruba Certified ClearPass Expert Written Exam Sample Questions (Q52-Q57):

A customer is planning to implement machine and user authentication on infrastructure with one Aruba Controller and a single ClearPass Server. What should the customer consider while designing this solution? (Select three.)

  • A. The customer does not need to worry about Multi-Master Catht Survivability because the Controller will also cache the machine state.
  • B. The Customer should enable Multi-Master Cache Survivability as the Aruba Controller will not cache the machine state.
  • C. Machine Authentication only uses EAP TLS. as such a PKI infrastructure should be in place for machine authentication.
  • D. The machine authentication status rs written in the Multi-master cache on the ClearPass Server for 24 hrs
  • E. Onboard must be used to install the Certificates on the personal devices to do the user and machine authentication
  • F. The Windows User must log off. restart or disconnect their machine to initiate a machine authentication before the cache expires.

Answer: D,E,F

Refer to the exhibit.

When creating a new report, there is in option to send report Notifications by Email Where is the email server configured?

  • A. In the Insight report on the next screen of the report definition
  • B. In the ClearPass Policy Manager Messaging Setup under Administration.
  • C. In the ClearPass Policy Manager Endpoint Context Servers under Administration.
  • D. In the Insight Reports Interface under Administration on the sidebar menu

Answer: C

Refer to the exhibit.

What enforcement profile will be assigned to a client who has successfully completed the user and machine authentication with UNKNOWN posture token?

  • A. Deny Access Profile
  • B. Redirect to Aruba Quarantine Profile
  • C. Redirect to Aruba Dissolvable_page Profile
  • D. Redirect to Aruba OnBoard Portal

Answer: C

Which statements art true about controller-initiated and server-initiated login method? (Select two)

  • A. server-initiated login method should be used if the guest users network login will be handled by the ClearPass by standing a CoA after authentication request is posted to itself when the user attempts a login
  • B. Controller-initiated login method should be used of the guest user’s network login will be handled by the guest browser to perform the HTTP port when the user attempts a login
  • C. server-in it will login method should be used if the guest user s network login will be handled by the wired switch by standing the authentication request to (PPM when the user attempts a login
  • D. server-initiated login method should be used if the guest user’s network login will be handled by ClearPass by sending the authentication request to itself when the user attempts a login
  • E. Controller-initiated login method should be used if the guest user’s network login will be handled by the controller-based AP to perform the HTTP post when the user attempts a login.

Answer: B,C,D

A customer has a Clear Pass cluster deployment with four servers, two servers at the data center and two servers at a large remote site connected over an SO-WAN solution. The customer would like to implement OnGuard. Guest Self-Registration, and 802.1 X authentication across their entire environment. During testing the customer is complaining that users connecting to an Instant Cluster Employee S5ID at the remote site, with the OnGuard Persistent Agent installed are randomly getting their health check missed.
What could be a possible cause of this behavior?

  • A. The Aruba-user-role received by the IAP is filtering the TCP port 6658 to the Clear Pass servers and after 10 seconds the SSL fallback gets activated and randomly generates the issue
  • B. The traffic on the TCP port 6658 is congested due to the fact that this port is also used by the IPSec keep-alive packets of the SO-WAN solution.
  • C. The ClearPass Policy Manager zones have been defined but the local IP subnets have not but properly mapped to the zones and the OnGuard Agent might connect to any of the servers in the cluster.
  • D. The OnGuard Clients are automatically mapped to the Policy Manager Zone based on their IP range but an ACL on the switch could be blocking access.

Answer: B


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