How to Use Polystyrene Chips for the Residential Moving Packing

How to Use Polystyrene Chips for the Residential Moving Packing

Polystyrene chips, also known as chips, are flaps made of an absorbent material that helps reduce impact damage.

They are ideal for protecting objects in boxes, cardboard packages, and another packaging. Professionals who handle removals know the extent of damage that these elements can cause.

However, these elements cannot be used by anyone. You need to make sure you choose the best packing boxes for your move and that you do not cause any damage. Is this also a list of polystyrene chips? It’s better to use kraft paper sheets or bubble wrap. This is how to seal your packages safely and without causing unnecessary stress.


What are polystyrene-filler chips?

People who work in packaging use elements of different shapes to protect objects inside various boxes and parcels. These elements are very small and can fit in every corner and crevice. Combinations can be made during moves to reduce trauma from impact and movement.


How to choose a polystyrene chip

This packaging element works well in boxes with elements that do not adhere to the cardboard walls. This is especially true when small, fragile, or irregularly shaped objects are being transported. Polystyrene chips can be used to transport kitchen cups and glass, as well as computers and televisions, and any other glass or ceramic objects.


Are you looking for bubble wrap, chips, or expanded polystyrene sheeting?

These are solutions with different goals. These moving packs can’t be placed on the same level. They all help, but at different stages. Bubble wrap, for example, is great for packing crystal glasses. It acts as the first layer of safety. A similar applies to plates and vases. Polystyrene, in sheets or with chips, is the best option to avoid creating space.


What form of polystyrene chip is most convenient?

Although there are many models available, consistency is the most important factor in ensuring good results and protecting the objects you care about. Why is it important to choose the best polystyrene chip? They can provide greater cushioning power. While S-shaped Chips are the best, even E-shaped chips can help to prevent bumps from causing any damage.


Is packaging polystyrene still being used?

Where can you dispose of this essential element once it has been used to prevent damage in the move? This derivative of plastic, like other elements such as thin sheets or polystyrene boards, depends on the indications from the municipality.

In most cases, plastic, and multi-material are recycled in the bag. However, in some cases, the packaging made of polystyrene must be placed undifferentiated. But, as I said, it all depends on the municipality it belongs to so it is best to check the website.


Who is responsible for the packing during a move

It all depends on which contract you choose. You can get all-inclusive moving solutions from a professional moving company like Perfect Timing Moving which include every packing step. You can ignore the implications of choosing to package.

Also, you can also buy polystyrene chip bags where you like to protect your most important packages.


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