How to Uninstall McAfee – 1(510)-370-1986 | Uninstalling McAfee

How to Uninstall McAfee – 1(510)-370-1986 | Uninstalling McAfee

A quick and easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to uninstall McAfee from Mac, Windows or PC.

Whatever your reason for disabling or uninstalling the program, this step-by-step guide will undoubtedly assist you in completing the process much more quickly and conveniently. So, without further ado, let’s begin by disabling the McAfee antivirus and then proceed to uninstall the software.

How to uninstall McAfee quickly

If you haven’t got time to hang around and know your way around a PC, we won’t waste your time. Simply follow the instructions below.

Here’s how to uninstall McAfee quickly:

Click Start and head to Settings.
Choose Apps and scroll down the list of installed apps until you find the McAfee product you want to use.
Click the McAfee entry on the left, and then choose Uninstall.
Follow the steps shown on the screen to finish the removal process.
When the uninstall is done, you might have to restart your computer.

Completely Uninstall McAfee from your Windows PC
Uninstalling an app is never a difficult process, and this is true in this case as well. Surprisingly, there are multiple ways to remove McAfee antivirus from your Windows PC.

Uninstall McAfee from the Settings App

The most convenient way to uninstall the McAfee antivirus from your system is from the Settings app. It is fast, simple, and easy. Thus, being the first method on the list.

To uninstall McAfee with this technique, launch the Settings app from the Start Menu’s pinned apps or by searching for it. Alternately, you can launch the Settings app by tapping the Windows and I keys simultaneously.
Then, select the ‘Apps’ tab located in the window’s sidebar on the left.
Click the ‘Apps & features’ tile that appears on the right side of the window.
Then, beneath the ‘App list’ area, locate ‘McAfee’ by scrolling manually or searching for it using the present search box.
Clicking the ‘Uninstall’ button from the context menu will launch the McAfee uninstaller in a new window.
Then, again click on the ‘Uninstall’ button to commence the uninstallation process.
Once the uninstaller shows up on the screen, click the checkbox next to each option under “Select what you want to remove” to select all McAfee products on your system. Then, click on “Remove” to move forward.
Then, on the next screen, McAfee will tell you if you have an active subscription on your account. Carefully read the information, and then click the “Remove” button.
Now, McAfee will uninstall the chosen products, wait patiently while the process runs in the background.
When the products have been completely removed, the uninstall window will notify you. To finish the uninstall, restart your Windows PC, then click the ‘Restart Now’ button to restart your PC and finish the installation.

Uninstalling McAfee Software From Your Mac

McAfee comes with an uninstallation utility that automatically removes the security software from your Mac. It also removes McAfee-related items such as system extensions, browser add-ons, and cached data, so it’s highly effective at what it does.

To run the McAfee uninstaller, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Launch the Finder and select Programs from the sidebar.
  2. Find and double-click the uninstaller for McAfee. It should be labeled according to the McAfee edition installed on your Mac, such as McAfee Complete Protection Uninstaller.
  3. Enter the administrator password for your Mac and click OK.
  4. Choose Proceed and follow all on-screen instructions to uninstall McAfee from your Mac. You may be required to enter your administrative password many times.
  5. Choose Complete.



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