How To Teach A Child To Eat On Their Own?

How To Teach A Child To Eat On Their Own?

Although every child’s needs are different, and not only this, every child also develops differently. Hence no two children can be compared. A small child is very playful and mischievous, and feeding him is not that easy.

Give a 3-5 years old child something to eat five times a day. So that the child gets all the nutrients, including milk, curd, nuts, pulses, cereals, fruits, etc., in their diet. Children of this age are more demanding of fast food, so it isn’t easy to feed them homemade food. Not only this, children get bored very quickly with the same type of food, and they lose their interest in eating.

At this age, children are hesitant to eat themselves because children of this age do not want to sit in one place for a long time. In such a situation, it isn’t easy to imagine that he/she should sit and eat food himself. Although this is the right age to teach good eating habits to children, it is not easy to do so. You will also have to work a little hard for the children to eat by themselves. Know how to teach the habit of eating food on their own.

At this age, the child has a lot of tantrums about not eating, etc. And young children like only chocolate and junk food. They do not even touch other things. Not only this but they also get bored very quickly by eating the same type of food. They are looking for new tastes every day. A child starts going to school or even preschool. Therefore it is necessary to give them daily tiffin also.

Make Food Appealing

Children have to inculcate the habit of eating themselves, then, first of all, make the food so attractive that the child becomes eager to eat it as soon as he sees it. Children of this 3-5 years old age are very fond of colors, so the food should be filled with colors. Meaning makes his food appealing by using different fruits and vegetables. Buy his cups, plates, glasses, etc., of his choice. Many such utensils are available in the market in which pictures of cartoons, animals, birds, or superheroes are made. By using them, you can also make food attractive, seeing that the child will not be able to stop himself from eating.

Variation In Food

Do not give the same type of food to the child every day. It would help if you prepared different kinds of food for the child every day, which is tasty and the child’s choice not to get bored of eating. By introducing variety in the diet, you can also encourage your baby to eat on his own.

Teach In-Play

Encourage the child to eat food through play, such as telling a story, a poem, and a song.  You can teach a child a lot in play.

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Things To Remember

  • Never force-feed the baby and feed as much as he/she wants. By force-feeding, the child will lose interest in appetite, and he/she will start running away from food. If the child does not feel like eating food, then give him juice or fruit to eat.
  • Add minimum sugar, salt or spices to the child’s food as it is dangerous to health.
  • Let the child sit well and eat food with a calm mind. There should not be anything in his food that gets stuck in his throat or causes any problem.

A grown-up kid doesn’t stay in one place most of the time, so don’t make them wait too long for food. Don’t get discouraged even if your baby doesn’t eat well. Rather, be patient because it is very common for children of basically 3 to 5 years old not to eat well. Just keep your efforts and make your child understand the importance of eating. Your baby will soon understand you and show interest in food.


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