How To Teach A Child Good Touch And Bad Touch?

How To Teach A Child Good Touch And Bad Touch?

It is always a big question for every parent how to teach a child good touch and bad touch? You have brought up your children like a prince or a princess. You are aware of all their needs, and you are there for them whenever they need you. But you can’t be everywhere at all times. Today we live in a world where pedophiles live as one of us. And they know to target children and make them conform to their sexual desires. A small child is innocent and does not know how to predict good touch and bad touch. Childhood sexual abuse always starts with a touch.

Any child fails to notice this touch, as he/she is not even aware of such a bad touch. By teaching your child the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, you groom him to be self-reliant and confident. It is the duty of every parent to prepare her to avoid being a victim of sexual abuse sexually. This can be a difficult topic, especially with young children, for this you should start talking about this important information to your children from the age of 4-5 years. You can tell your child the difference between a good touch and a bad touch

It is necessary to teach children about good touch and bad touch. This information should be given to the children by the parents and teachers. Let us tell you what things should be told to children

Tips To Teach Good And Bad Touch To Your Child

Children need to understand the difference between good touch and bad touch in the present environment. The information about good and bad touches given by you to your children will help in keeping them safe. If it starts from childhood, then it is even better. First of all, children should told what a bad touch and a good touch are. That’s why you not only tell them about it but also try to explain it to them practically so that they can understand easily.

Teach First Which People To Trust And Which People Do Not

Most children start learning very early. In such a situation, you should start explaining to them at least from the age of 4 that whom they should trust, whom they should not. If someone does not know him, then they should not go with anyone. They should not take anything to eat from an unknown person.

The Line Between Good And Bad Touch

It’s tough to tell the child those body parts, where even if someone touches with love, they should stopped. For this, parents should use a name for those parts of the body so that the child can recognize them. Just like telling the child that the parts that you wear the swimsuit to cover can not be touched by anyone other than the parents, so they will learn to distinguish between the parts of the body.

It often been seen that child abusers call children with love, due to which the child does not understand that he is being exploited and that that person loves them.

Teach Kids About Body Parts

The parents must tell the children about some parts of the body such as the chest, lips, the lower part of the waist, the lower part of the stomach. The parents need to tell the children about all these.

Talk Openly With Children

Most of the parents shy away from talking to their children on this subject. Still, mother and father should talk openly with their children, talk to the child and get information about them throughout the day, always talk to the children with love so that they do not fear and don’t hide anything from you because of it.

Keep An Eye On Kissing And Adoption

While giving information about good touch and bad touch to your child, lovingly explain good touch and bad touch? Also, explain to the children by showing a picture, tell the children that if someone forcefully adopts them or kisses them, then refuse immediately and inform us about it, that is, tell the parents about this.

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What Should A Child Do If There Is A Bad Touch?

Teach the child that no means no, tell the child that under no circumstances will they ask anyone to touch the body parts, even if this happens to the child, then they should not be afraid and shout for help, tell them how many people will reach out to help them at one voice, also say to the child to understand the situation and shout when they reach a safe place, tell them that they are faster than the wind can run away.

Some Important Things To Note

  • Children should taught good and bad touch at the age of 3 to 4 years
  • Tell them never to undress in front of anyone other than a parent
  • Tell them that no one else can touch their private parts except them
  • If someone touches private parts, then it is a bad touch.
  • Touching someone if he doesn’t like it is also bad touch
  • If the doctor touches his body, then it is a good touch, provided the parents are present together
  • Explain that even close relatives cannot touch them inappropriately
  • Tell him that touching someone else’s private parts is wrong and should never be done
  • Tell children that their private parts are part of their body and cannot be touched by anyone else
  • Always keep talking to the children, keep asking them what happened in school today, who told what to them, did they not like anything in school
  • Keep a very close relationship with children, always encourage them not to hide anything, tell everything
  • Assure your child that you will keep everything to yourself, keep every secret hidden
  • There are also many videos on the internet to say to children about good touch and bad touch, which you can explain very easily by showing them.

What Should A Parent Do When A Child Is A Victim Of Such A Misdemeanor?

 1. Trust your children. When they talk about something, listen to them.

 2. Do not talk to the children about that grave incident again and again.

 3. Immediately file a complaint against the culprit in the nearest police station.

 4. Go to the hospital and get the child medically examined immediately.

 5. Take the child to a psychologist for counseling.

 6. Tell the children to be alert in the future.

Teach Children To Raise Their Voice

The most important thing is to build confidence in the child, teach him to make noise and say no when something is wrong, assure him that if someone touches it in a bad way, he/she should make noise immediately if this happens in school. They should immediately tell their teacher should complain about this, even if a relative does this around the house, they should immediately tell the parents, they should be convinced that they have not done any wrong, what is wrong and what is right tell about what it is, even if this happens, it is the responsibility of the parents not to let them feel guilty.

Nowadays, the incidents of sexual abuse with children have increased so much that every parent is afraid that their child is safe or not, but there is no need to panic; with a little care and knowledge, not only such incidents avoided. Instead, through this, your child can also make self-reliant and self-confident.


We hope that all of you must have read our written post how to teach a child good touch and bad with full attention and completeness. If you have not read the post once first, and if you feel somewhere that this doesn’t seem right or if you want us to add something more about Good Touch and Bad Touch or about your past experience related to this, then please tell us through comment Thank You.


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