How To Take An STD Test (Without Letting Anyone Know)

How To Take An STD Test (Without Letting Anyone Know)

People too often tend to hesitate to talk about STDs. But it is important to understand that it may happen to anyone. An STD testing Los Angeles will help you figure out if you actually have it! You must get it tested without any delay in case you see –

  • any white or yellowish vaginal discharge
  • or some kind of discharge from your penis
  • itching
  • irritation
  • painful urination.

Knowing about it might seem to be scary. But you should get it treated at the earliest so that you get to know what’s actually causing the trouble in you! 

If you are a beginner, do not worry. It is because doctors happen to be very much acquainted with this health issue, and you are going to have no trouble dealing with it. Besides, most of the STDs are nothing but simple bacterial infections which can be treated with ease with just a few doses of antibiotics. 

However, that is possible only when the patient is diagnosed at an early stage. Considering the privacy of a patient, doctors will never share your details as those are meant to be confidential. So nothing would be shared with anyone, including your parents. 

Here are a few easy ways to diagnose yourself with STDs and ensure that your parents are not aware of them: 

At home testing 

Nothing can be better than free std testing in Los Angeles. You can easily access the at-home STD kit testing for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. Simply ensure that you are following the instructions as specified in the kit. Also, you can do things for yourself without any hassle. The sample will then go to a lab for further testing. You will be able to do it without anyone’s intervention. So, you will not need to disclose it to anyone, either! 

Visit a local clinic

Go online and search for a couple of free local clinics that are available nearby! A lot of clinics would also offer you a free treatment. There are others that may offer you a bare minimum fee that is affordable too! Based on your budget, you may visit any one of the two! Since you aren’t going to spend a huge sum of money on this, you can easily get it for yourself! 

Search for STD testing locations in your vicinity

You shall even get a lot of same-day STD testing in Los Angeles clinics in your close proximity. The CDC maintains a list of STD testing locations near you that will offer you provisions to go for free testing. Also, that shall become easier for you if you reside in the US. This will provide you with fast and free STD testing while ensuring that all your medical details are going to remain confidential. All you need is to visit this website and feed your state name and ZIP code along with the city name, and you can pull out the details right from there! 

Visit a state clinic

Search for clinics that are managed by the state. Also, you can ask them to get you an STD test. This is absolutely easy! Moreover, they will ensure that your records are kept private and not communicated to anyone without permission. Scheduling an appointment here is neither a big deal, so you may opt for this without a second thought!

Go for a test if you are above 13 years of age.

You can easily book an appointment at a clinic if you are only 13 years of age without having to include anyone as your guardian. In case you are covered by your parent’s insurance, you can even use that while getting yourself treated. 

Just ensure that you are aware of the privacy policies of the insurance company before opting for its benefits. This is because a lot of companies produce a monthly statement in which they list down all the medical amenities that you might have taken! 

Seeing you treated for an STD test might end up tipping your parents. Thus, it is always better to have a fair discussion before going for the test. 

Know your local privacy laws

Prior to going for free std testing in california, you must be aware of the local privacy laws therein! Having a conversation with your local guide regarding the laws and privacy policies will help you to know about your rights and if there is any step that you must follow to secure your records. Knowing these minute details will surely help you to deal with your complications in a more managed way without any hassle. 

Inform your medical practitioner to call you directly

After the STD test, inform your medical practitioner to inform you about your health only in a way that secures your privacy. That could be either over the call or via email instead of giving access to other means that might hinder your privacy or give you a threat of miscommunication. 


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